Electra coin the Best Staking coin in 2018!!!

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

ElectracoinECA. We are in the beginning of the S Curve for Crypto currency. More people are piling in as we speak. Great tech with focus on fast payment transactions. With fast block times.. Why mine when you can stake your coins. Remember in order to stake you must have coins. The more coins the BIGGER THE REWARD 🎁. You have to understand these coins are life changing. $Eca $Stake
Get $Eca on (www.coinsmarkets.com for ONLY 0.000000001 satoshi.Get your ticket to the 🌙🚀🚀 You find them on Twitter @ElectracoinEca.... Don't miss this opportunity, if know crypto then you that these opportunities don't come this often...1513192569071-711487589.jpg

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Invested in it 2 days ago at 170 sats

This coin will be one of biggest suprise when it rise last year belongs to verge this year it is eca because it has lighting speed do take time for confirmation but who cares when it shows coin in your wallet from exchange in less then a second will surpass many coins