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ICX -Icon Is supposed to be asian ethereumm , Specifically for the korean markets. Given their huge population , and a few other interesting notes. It pretty much hit binance last week at 2$, surged today above $4 for the first time. It usually was between 3-4 for the last week. I wish i had more but #70 is a start. To my knowledge there are not any mining pools setup for this coin either, adding to its rarity for north america.

I did not realize that financial institutions had a partnership with ICX, it should be bigger than ripple for wide stream market adoption in asia, linkedin is a pretty huge business partnership too.

wait for another dip under $4, or get in above $4, i still think it is a great buy.
Facts & Sources:

Icon is created by DAYLI financial group. Here, Ripple announces a partnership with DAYLI Financial Group (DFG)


Here's proof that DFG is the company backing Icon


27 Financial firms in Korea have decided to partner with DAYLI. These include super legit banks like Daishin Securities, which have close to a $1B USD market cap and 185 employees on Linkedin. Kiwoom, another partner, has a market cap is well over $1.5b USD. The others also manage billions or hundreds of millions US.

ICON signed an agreement with Woori (appears to be the second largest bank in Korea) to create something like Tether but for the Korean Won. (Mandatory for market liquidity)

Being backed by DFG and theloop potentially gives them access to these partners in future communications: http://davinci.dayliig.com/#usecase https://www.theloop.co.kr/partners

They are part of the Korean Financial Investment Association

They own Coinone, the second largest crypto exchange in Korea. http://daylifg.com/business (Click on cryptocurrency and then look under trading)

They have a partnership with multiple universities including Sogang University: https://www.theloop.co.kr/business

There is some sort of insurance consortium with hospitals and insurance companies: https://www.theloop.co.kr/business

2017 Q4 Announcements to come in the next two weeks:

Main Net Launch

DEX launch

Wallet Launch


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