! EARN : 3 Websites that can make you earn tons of BITCOIN + STEEM every day

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First of all a little calculation:

When price of bitcoin is 1 000 000 in 2020 -2021 ----> 1 satoshi (bitcoin) ----> 0.01$

----> if you earn each day 30 000 satochi's ----->> you accually earned 300$/day

Now if you would buy an altcoin that goes way more up then bitcoin -----> 300$/day x ...

You see why doing effort now to earn penny's can make you very wealthy in a matter of time!?

1. Cointiply

Sign up here for cointiply

Cointiply is one of the newer faucet/offerwalls and you can earn tons of bitcoin there each day.
They pay out to your bitcoinwallet or to your faucethub.io account.

You easily can earn thousand and thens of thousands satoshi's there every day.


First of all there is a faucet you can roll every hours. But most you can earn in my experience is by taking a survey which takes only 7-12 minutes and you'll get 3000- 10000 satoshi's for it.

Also visiting websites by minutestaff-offers can earn you constantly bitcoins.

Take a look:



Sign up here for cointiply

2. adbtc ---> earn just for surfing

Another website, easy as cake, and earned pretty fast is adbtc.

Easy to sign up, you click earn ---> surf ---> you open a website for 15-60 seconds and earn thousand satoshi's/day.

There are website as much to visit as there are advertisers. and it resets every 24 hours. So the next day you can start all over again and earn again surfing the websites which takes only like some seconds to view.

Sign up here for adbtc


You can quickly earn here 800- 1500 satoshi's/ day. minimumpayout is 5000 satoshi's

This site is also very cheap and very high converting for advertising yourself and get some referrals for your other websites like cointiply and bitfun.

Sign up here for adbtc

And the 3th one:

3. Bitfun

Sign up here for bitfun


You can claim satoshi's (bitcoin) every 3 minutes.

you need a coinpotaccount for it. easy peazy. The best part is that for every time you claim you get another 3 coinpottokens for it in your coinpotaccount! and 10 coinpottokens is like another 15 satoshi's if you exchange them for bitcoin.. Very interesting.


Sign up here for bitfun

So if you SING UP and use all these 3 you can earn constant all day.

If you don't succeed to earn on steemit, then do it here and buy some STEEM with these earnings.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask i'll answer them with pleasure.

as you will see in the comments someone anti-steemit is making some moves which we shouldn't accept at all here on steemit + in this community. I'm not even sure if he' understands what the word 'community' is and what it involves. My opligies for that (those awfull trolling-pictures ) I hope enough people find the guts to clean such things out of steemit. If you go to the section below we have a man posting 2 times he's selling his accounts after seeing what reaction came (I assume). So how again does this help the community? excuse me that was a retorical question you don't need to reply. It's clear enough people don't appreciate this (litteraly) sh*t.


You earn more by continually posting on steemit. If you make 6 cents on every post and you make 10 posts a day you earn the same amount in 10 days, but with that website it takes 100 days

Yes, how long have you been on steemit? Did you notice we have 1.2 million users from who 55K are active? Did you read all the posts and complains that people write 100 posts and 80 out of them got not even 1 cent? If they accumulate some steem this way they are able to atleast build a following quicker, upvote themselfs or others etc.. + steem bough is steem bought. We want people to exchange their fiat/crypto's for steem :)
Look at me. I'm sitting with 2 accounts almost on 4000 STEEM. I started with 350 STEEM. How did I gain so much? Because of collecting every penny, invest, reinvest and do it again. I did well even if I say it myself :)

I recomended a friend to start commenting and just upload photos. He have earned about 10 SBD and 14SP in a week. I have been on steemit on and off since 2016. Never invested until recently when I had some profits over.

smart tbh

Brother lets be fair. You make money on those sites because others sign up threw your referall links. Why anyone would want to earn 10$ a week on these things is a big question mark to me. Learn a skill and you earn way more!

By far the most users do not write quality posts.

I agree with you. I tried many of pages and never made satysfying profit.
This is lose of time.

I did aswell, if you go to some websites which I will not name here, you get frustrated. However there are some websites like these that really give satisfaction. These are some of the best. One day I made more then 200 000 satoshi's on cointiply. Ina few days on bitfun, also with survey's i got 50 K satoshi's, with those amounts i can buy 10-20 STEEM, then the story on steemit continue's earning here aswell. Don't let yourself get discouraged. Do research. Good research brings in money, in the beginning it are pennies, after a while and some smart moves it's building you something that can pay your bills. After the next cryptoboom even much more then that. :)

Please choose one of these options:
-Stop posting shit
-Stop promoting your post to the trending page
Choosing both would be even better ;)

I totally agree with you PTC sites either are scam or they have lowest payouts but payout threshold will take months

A mi me dio resultado el de Coinpotpor el bitfun. Pero con Steemit luego de la actualización todo se fue al carrizo. Steemit quedó muy limitada y no hay ganancias. A pesar de todo y que no tiene su crypto aún, la plataforma Weku es mas rentable. Y mas atractiva.

Way to stick it to em' @realitycartoon This website alone can bring an income to any smart content creator. No one needs any sub-websites paying the users a little bit of ad money to push a product.

yeah, false economy!

Another shitpost that got bidbotted to the trending page. Really sad.

Nice one man......!!!!!
I just loved this....!!!!!!
extra income.....means.....extra benefits....!!!!!
thanks for these websites....!!!!

But if your assumption is true, instead of wasting hours on advertising sites, I could just invest 100$ in BTC right now and get way richer that way!?

Don't be absurd. You can't use logic. You might get downvoted.

Logic amplifies us generating hypocrisy , selling them eternal effervescent media showing us candor kills.

What do you mean, free is free + if you make a post on steemit you gain profit out of it so where is the loss? There are tons of people for who 10$ is even to much to invest. Yet they still get a chanse to accumulate crypto.

Does they really pay? Has any1 tried them?


You're just a referral hunter.

lol can you deny what I am speaking of? Contact me again in 1 to 1.5 years :) we'll see what a few bitcoinsatoshi's will be worth then :).. And what is wrong with building up referrals?

I just took a look at your latest post lol, you are hunting refs yourself

My last post is for the @originalworks contest, you can investigate what it's about if you want, also, how am I going to hunt referrals with an exchange? What's the logic behind that? That contest consists of advertising a new project or ico, and depending on the evaluation of the quality of the publication provided by the owners of the page itself you are paid a quantity in Steem. With those contests, you can generate more weekly than you earn with those pages you mentioned above.

Besides I see a little childish of you to give me downvote to tell you the truth. You're the one who's going to win the most and be benefited here.

Nor do I want to generate a war that I know I'm going to lose, and I also know the potential of Bitcoin, on that we agree. But the title and the publication itself is a mere clickbait.

Cheers, @brothermic. I hope you don't take this comment the wrong way again. Besides that I haven't insulted him at all, I don't see why disrespect me in telling me that I look like shit (which in some part is true because I'm so ugly hahaha).

Well, good luck in everything you do, now I say goodbye. God bless you.

first of all let me say i am against using bid-bots cause of many reasons (non quality posts get into trending page, they bury other actual quality posts, all the people outside will check the trending page and build a completely fake view about the payouts etc etc)

Now let's get a bit into the post. From those 3 i have used Cointiply and the truth is a little bit different than what you mentioned. I will agree with you that it pays but in order to get a respectable amount you need to to do surveys and in many countries like mine we are not eligible for the surveys.

I gave it a try for 3 months. i gave all of my info and details to the survey sites, to some i changed it a bit to match their surveys and in 3 months that i was getting in the site daily i was only eligible for 2 surveys, another friend of mine to only 1. Also the game they have built is extremely clever cause it ties you to it and makes being there a lot of hours spending what you earn to it over and over again in order to make more "long term"

Finally, around the same time as you i made a post actually asking the community of investment-trading tips, new and promising cryptos, passive income streams, top free or paid courses etc etc I saw many people commenting here and i actually wanna see if they have something to suggest instead of just blaming you.

I will leave my post below and upvote my comment for visibilty cause i actually wanna learn if they have something helpful to suggest and i believe it help the whole community too. (if you consider it a post promotion let me know so i can edit and delete the link)

Suggest Investment-trading tips, Promising Cryptos, Passive Income Streams & Help Me & The Community!


I honestly kinda stopped reading when this guy said "when the price of bitcoin is 1,000,000" yeh right dude keep praying for that haha lets be a little more realistic

can anyone verify and tell me if these websites are actually legit and worth it

Wow, very cool! Thanks for the heads up!

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