"Ledger Blue" hardware wallets are finally shipping! Unboxing 3 from France.steemCreated with Sketch.

in bitcoin •  last year

The Ledger Blue hardware wallets have finally arrived! I ordered these three wallets about four months ago and they finally showed up today. I believe the wallets are made in France and I know they have been on serious backorder for many months. I set the wallet up with ease this afternoon and as of now I feel as this is a quality product. The digital readout is great.

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Nicely explained video. Thank you @broncnutz

Will you be getting the new trezor as well for review? I have been waiting for the new trezor before buying one. I'm watching video now, hope I didn't jump the gun.


I not gonna get the new one yet. I would not worry about it because they make nice products. I just have plenty of wallets right now.


I keep thinking of buying a hardware wallet but it still seems like paper wallets are just as safe if not safer. Does this wallet sweep paper wallets or do you still need an intermediary wallet in the middle?

Nice pick ups! You are absolutely correct in thinking this is the way to go! It was nice to actually see one in hand as I don't have one. I, myself, can't wait for a hard wallet to come out that holds more than a hand full of different kinds of coins? I wonder when this will occur? Maybe never as they understand people like to own different ones so in essence one will have to buy different wallets to diversify more so. I digress though and as always thank you. Can't wait to see the up and running vid on it!

hardware wallets are must and i will try to get one soon :)

Now this is really nice it was good to know something new

@broncnutz I learned something New today. The hardware wallet is the place to be and not leaving anything on the exchanges.

Nice Video @broncnutz and you are looking so happy on arrival

great news that you have got your wallet and thanks for sharing your video.

that a wise decision indeed and i really enjoy the way you open you ledger blue wallet, it looks amazing, upvoted and resteemed too.

Excellent video sharing

Nice conversation video @broncnutz

I really need to get my hands on a hard wallet. I've been looking at the ledger nano myself but I don't need anything fancy

great video..thanks for sharing @broncnutz

excellent video and thanks for information. good work.

Good analysis....informative
Thank's for sharing...sir
Followed and upvoted

Ledger Blue hardware is relly good

thats great...our wallet is safe from hacker now..great so happy.

Awesome wallets and nice introduction video @broncnutz.
Can you give me someone sir? ha ha ha.....

really nice video...

Thanks for sharing information about ledger blue hardware wallet.

nice and safe choice...👍🏽

It does sounds great and safe though .
Nice one today buddy

wow that's cool thanks for sharing the video :)

looks a must buy for everyone who holds btc :)

Good devise wallet, thanks for sharing

that's an awesome hardware to have. It's true we always should look for a hardware wallet as the treat is more now a days for software wattles.
nice video @broncnutz

Bicoin price 6400$

very cool video hope to see more like these in future :)

Damn right about that exchange part, lately more and more exchange are screwing people's money. The latest being bittrex for closing down thousands of accounts with no real reason. So it's a good thing to keep your money on wallet instead of trusting third parties.

Its good devise wallet @broncnutz

it's great to see you unboxing it live and wow that ledger blue hardware wallet looks super cool and easy to handle and i agree with you it's far better for us to save our coins in hardware wallet then leaving them to exchange, we can have a good example of BTC-e exchange not far back, thanks for sharing