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If we did that probably 2 of the girls would sell the .1 btc and buy shoes instead. :(


Brother, you comment so well and she has left a beautiful video. Thank you very much for watching this video.

Another informative video.Great post once again sir,thanks for sharing.

Very cool story. My daughter is 15 and spends every dollar she gets her hands on as soon as possible. I've been buying her silver Eagle coins to try to teach her the value of money, but every once in a while she asks me how much they're worth because she wants to sell them to buy junk. I don't allow that of course, but she is a work in progress and not ready for a contest like this. Kudos to your buddy for teaching his family valuable lessons that will be fun to learn.

What a great idea of a contest to help them learn :)

We wait for the best in the immediate future , Our hopes are hanging on bitcoin especially and digital currencies in general . Thank you @broncnutz for your publication which planted the same new among your followers .

@broncnutz honestly, I will love to know the results of the contest by Christmas. And bitcoin really still have great potential

Wow its really a way built their interest in crypto currency and also they will learn how to do trade, as there is a big prize, their interust boost up!

Bitcoin as the leading currency is the future for big investors and small investments alike . So nice of to help those kids get an account. We definitely tell more people about crypto currency. Thanks for enlightening us

I will love to know the results of the contest by Christmas. And bitcoin really still have great potential

Good post looking forward to seeing how the girls do I am not sure if bitcoin will go to the moon this year I think a hedge portfolio with Ethereum is good

best use of the bitcoin lets see how it goes

Thanks for your bitcoin update news , your video was helpful .

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I always love your post because lot of gather knowledge in your post. thank you dear @broncnutz

bitcoin touching lifes wow and you sharing your knowledge with everyone that's great :)

Ooo wow

Totally love his idea of throwing a family contest.
He is a genius

This is amazing sir the spark you brings us daily is what we dont want to miss.

A smart Dad to already "prepare" them on what's coming (very probably).
Would be a nice surprise if one of his kids becomes a millionaire before he does, lol.

Very interesting contest this is going to be in between the family haha please update later about it who won :D

A Fun contest! I think his children will win as the modern generation is much smart :D

Good way to educate the kids on crypto... your friend knows whats up!

sounds like a very fun exercise. with grand prize at Christmas

so you want your princesses to be habitual to currency of the future which is crypto currency,its really a good practice!

Cryptosteel is the name you were trying to remember. there is another I have recently seen Bilfodl same concept i can hardly tell them apart.

that's amazing and informative post

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that's amazing post

Crypto is getting some momentum and is stabilising and I love it.

yes sir .. that's amazing ... may you always be the best, i always support you :) . nice sir .....

Nice to see your content,Thanks for your share.

thank share the informations sir @broncnutz

Thats really funny, and agreed cryptocurrency is our future. Bitcoin is great in crypto

I Think bitcoin is future currency

Hi mr @broncnutz btc looks good right now
I think it will rise to heaven soon
I need to buy some
Cheers \o/

Bitcoin is one of the biggest opportunities since the invention of the internet itseif....great times to be around

excellent us of crypto i think that is they will learn a lot about it

Thank you for your useful sharing . For digital currencies, it is in its infancy and you will know a great development in the future, especially bitcoin the big digital currencies .

Bitcoin i love cryptocurrency and all of them steem is my favourite

Great job.
Good analysis

Thanks for your nice video.

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i like this informative video

great informative post. thanks for broncnutz

Bitcoin to the moon, hodl always, little drops make an ocean


Yeah crypto the moon and beyond. Welcome to the future my friend

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Wow, That's really great news...I still have a lot to learn about cryptocurrency...Thanks for sharing Valuable post.

0.1 isn't a big deposite for them?

Great informative video once again.Thank you sir for your valueable post.

Good informative video. Thank you sir :)
Hope we can see more video like this :D
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Much needed post ...great workkk

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Yes dear....Bitcoing will soon hit the 10k mark soon