How to get almost half a Bitcoin for only 1600 Bucks?

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$1607 will get you a 1 year cloud mining contract incl. the first 60 days for power.
The remaining electricity you can pay out of your mining proceeds.

The equivalent of $1607 today would be about 0.1826 BTC
Using this money for the suggested cloud mining contract
based on today's difficulty you could expect about 0.414 BTC with the miner reward halving in May 2020 already priced in
Hurry, it is almost sold out.

Click on this link to register an account:

Now go to pricing, an click on BTC

Choose the 360 day plan - I hope it is not too late.
If it is already sold out you have to wait for them to restock.


Link to sign up with Coinbase that will give you a $10 reward in Bitcoin:
Note: when you buy Bitcoin depending on your payment method Coinbase may hold the BTC for a few days until your funds have cleared.

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