Free Airdrop of 50 WCXT Tokens!

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This is a soon to be cryptocurrency exchange that claims it will have 10x lower fees than your average exchange. We'll see after the ICO is over, but in the mean time grab 50 free tokens. You can also earn more tokens through thier referral program.

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This is the anoter valuable and more informative content for all steemians.Thanks for your post.

Thanks for sharing. I would wait on transferring funds to new crypto-exchanges until months after official release to test their potential security vulnerabilities. This is my own view and opinion.

Thanks for the heads up on the free tokens!

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great topic , good luck friend

have a nice day

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i saw this post and i liked this post

Thank you for inform us in a timely manner.

thanks a lot for sharing..i appreciate your blog..when create your new blog???

Thanks for the information about the tokens.

Claimed already! Thanks

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