DTB [Databits] Its time to but. Looks like we are breaking the downward trend.

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What is this?

I use a secret algorithm to pin point a surge in buy volume at a favorable buy position for cryptocurrrencies. People pay a lot of money for buy signals like these, but I share them with you for free here on steemit. Shoot me an upvote and resteem. Just like steemit, the more people involved, the more money we make!

Buy Volume Increase by 3.31 BTC +2724%

Price 0.00006959+1.23% 24hrs

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Happy Trading

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BCH 13TbhDt92WUZnudFSBXxZpe76j3FnrDHiU
DODGE D5kWjsw11R2cWX9R9UFMxv5qXR8h3zux77
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You’re very close to finding your account flagged and all of your rewards removed. Stop usIng the bots so much on so many posts, or else.


Like with any reward system, we have to expect that there will be people attempting to manipulate the rules to better themselves. What I find interesting is that brittuf would be so bold as to encourage others to also engage in such illicit activities. I think it really speaks to the closeness of the Steem community.


he continued full throttle

in the crypto-currency world there are still a lot of coins that in the future can repeat the success of bitcoin. For example XRP (Ripple) learn more about it. You need to have it in your briefcase.


If you are interested in the sector Ripple is trying to take over please check out QASH. The technology this coin is bringing to the crypto-space will blow ripple out of the water (not that ripple will lose its value or won't grow). You can read about it in my post here: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@gabemining/qash-the-next-ethereum-or-bitcoin-for-financial-services

Technical analysis doesn't really work that well, claiming you have a secret algorithm means nothing and writing these overrated and overpriced posts that you boost really provide nothing of insight to anybody.

But continue to fool the sheep, you clever wolf.


Look at my feed, theres plenty of profit from technical analysis. If this was all a sham you could just prove it by looking at my past posts


We're in a bull market, it's no surprise that prices go up. Sure you can profit from technical analysis, but you can profit from randomly investing too.

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Its such a wonderful idea thanks for sharing fo free to us

Appreciate the heads up, upvoted.

What for special algorithm are you using for your predictions?

interesting algorithm!

where can one trade DTB?


Bittrex and tux exchange

Que dinamismo económico, el ver cada día como surgen nuevas monedas y su precio de oferta y demanda varían tanto en un mismo día que solo un buen analista podría predecir para inversionista apostar a las ganancias

It such a great idea. If you don't mind, I want resteem this. My friends should like it.

hasta ahora me estoy preparando con tanta información,, no es fácil comprender este mundoo,, pero gracias a personas como ud hace mas entendible esta cuestión..

Thanks for sharing

Databites interesting...i will do a little more DD

very good info i heard that bit coin now available in gold and silvers

It's great and a very helpful post . Thanks for your sharing

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Upvoted and followed. Thanks for the TA!!!

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Thank you for sharing

Love those spikes!

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Are you still expecting this to go up? 2 days ago at your post it was at 6962 Satoshi, now its at 6162 Satoshi. Did it already rise and fall?

Hi friend nice think