BLOCK [Blocknet] Its time to buy. Looks like we are taking off.

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What is this?

I use a secret algorithm to pin point a surge in buy volume at a favorable buy position for cryptocurrrencies. People pay a lot of money for buy signals like these, but I share them with you for free here on steemit. Shoot me an upvote and resteem. Just like steemit, the more people involved, the more money we make!

Buy Volume Increase by 1.55 BTC +98%

Price 0.00230000 +5.79% 24hrs

STOP upvoting your own posts!

I found a upvote/follower exchange that gives you 2X your upvote value(if your a minnow). Its called SteemFollower in fact, this post is being upvoted by SteemFollower give it a try.

Follow me @brittuf for more buy signals or @TravelinBit on twitter

I make all buys that I post and I sell at 10% profit

Happy Trading

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BTC 1CaK4GtR9xTJqEm8swns297weoFF8rWyea
BCH 13TbhDt92WUZnudFSBXxZpe76j3FnrDHiU
DODGE D5kWjsw11R2cWX9R9UFMxv5qXR8h3zux77
TIPS Eaugh6iQKwhnVpcNN6xaof6RHzG6zjXJHp


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Blocknet has also been featured on Investor Field guide Hash Power podcast. Well worth the listen for anyone!

This is the first prediction i am afraid of. I am not being sure but still $1k invested in it by trusting on you. I wish it could go up. I will not blame you if i get loss because i made money from your predictions already.

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Tanks for the info.

i dont think bitcoin is the best buy right nw i m planning to go into monero...It has a smaller capacity compared to other currencies i think it hs a great future ahead....


I like monero also. Good currency to hodl for long term

Yes i understand.very helpful this post.
so thank you for sharing this topic with us @brittuf

This post has received gratitude of 30.40 % from @appreciator thanks to: @brittuf.

I am waiting for a correction in bitcoin since it touched $8000 i am still waiting.

Do you buy based on TA or based on rumors/news

Thank you for the heads up!

Thanks for sharing

Appreciate these


BlockNet is taking off Better than electrem