SC [SiaCoin] Its time to buy!Lets make money together

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Buy Volume Increase by 0.74 BTC +31%

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All in awesome

I have no clue how I got here. Upvote this.

I have been saving up some saicoin for a bit now, only good things to come. Now is the time to get on board!
Great post here.

@spinx23 I had been collecting since 118 Satoshi and I am down to half price now..

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Iam planning to buy it

Bought $60 AUD worth 2 days ago, only a tiny purchase but hopefully it makes a move

Comming from the security world, I am very excited about SC. Sure it's technically a competitor for me, but the possibilities excite me. Companies need more options when it comes to security, and usually that comes with a price tag. CIO's arn't big on paying for security, even after Equifax. It's getting better, but CXOs priorities are not where they need to be. SC allows companies to lower their bottom line while mitigating risk. What a revolutionary idea! Now companies have an option that wont break the bank. It will take some time to adopt, but its great to see.

I was mining Sia like a maniac for several months. I'd love to see the value come back up. The only issue is that next year they are releasing ASIC miners which will produce A LOT of coins very fast. I don't know if this will drive the value up or down, but it will make it so that someone with an ASIC miner will be able to mine in a day what took months on GPUs.

I am banking more that SIA will continue to develop its technology and become widely adopted. It's a great idea, but has been a bit clunky so far; like so many blockchain startups.

I've been holding sia for a while now.

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where can i buy them? can i use paypal?

You may buy siacoin at any exchange site like poloniex. You cannot use paypal to directly buy cryptos.

Thanks very good post !!!!

Awesome Work!

Keep it up!!!


your CryptoInvestmentExpert

just checked it out at coinmarketcap... seems to be listed in major exchangers like polonix, bitrex and hitbtc
website and bitcointalk seems ok too but dont you think the circulating supply is too huge?

Maybe, but we are only looking for a 10% increase

ok ...good one... will try it out...thanks for sharing

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Still not sure how I feel about siacoin. It seems that its development is slower than I'd like, and I think the idea of distributed processing power (a la golem) potentially has more utility than the storage model of sia.

However, I've been dead wrong about technology more than once. If you'd asked me 10 years ago about cloud computing, I would have been sure that no one would trust anyone else to host so much of their precious data and applications. We all know how that turned out!

Am I really off-base and missing out on a great opportunity?

Educating oneself can go a long way.

Siacoin is a pretty glorious solution to the long-term distrust I've had with cloud services. I really hope it takes off in the next little while.

Tahnks for sharing ....

sounds interesting but why does it ask for my steem passwords?

Thats steemconnect, not the website.

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great post

Interesting ! Thanks for the updates my friend !

Hi, how safe is SteemFollower?

When it is launch on exchange and which exchange it can be traded

I use poloniex and bittrex

how many currencies listed on poloniex?

who owns SteemFollower

@mahdiyari really good person. They do these projects to help people, especially new minnows.

Thanks for advice, looks good

Will think about it. Probably, will by it.

price possible.

awesome post ...thanks buddy will look in to it

Great. I'm planning to buy it

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Siacoin is undervalued and they have lots of awesome things coming up.

I write articles about many different cryptocurrencies every weekday. I also update them on a regular basis. I just started but I am persistent. Maybe you can have a look if interested. Best of luck

What are some of the qualities of solar coin?

Heard that mining Sia is a better option than to invest directly. Don't know how true that is but let me try that before I come to a conclusion. The only worry is whether I'd too late in doing that.

Is it double bottom?

Looks bullish in the short term, gotta make sure we zoom out on the graphs once in a while though.

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