Create a blockchain technology free teaching platform

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Tari Labs, a collective of people working in decentralized open source protocol, has created a free platform to promote the teaching and exchange of educational knowledge focused on blockchain technology.

In his blog explain that the intention behind the project, which will bear the name Tari Labs University, will be the easy teaching of the concepts surrounding the blockchain technology since "the architecture of a well-designed system requires significant experience in cryptography, computing , economics, game theory, psychology, business, law, marketing, politics and more ".

Kevoulee Sardar, the Vice Chancellor of the university, said the project is aimed at people with any level of knowledge, commenting that: "... there is a lot of content related to blockchain available, but very little takes into account the level of knowledge of the audience" . That is why the materials will be classified into four levels: beginner, easy, intermediate and experienced.

"The popularity and multiple possible applications of the blockchain technology have opened a space for him in the academic field," Sardar said, citing the initiatives of Standford University in California (USA) and Ripple, which have undertaken similar projects with the aim of to promote research on blockchain technology.

The material will be published in a presentation, video or report format. Additionally, Tari Labs expects the community that participates in the platform to collaborate making comments to improve and expand the content, identify flaws in the platform so that they can be resolved and propose topics of interest that will improve the ecosystem of the users.

At the moment, the platform has 6 published contents, one for beginners and the rest are of the easy level and hope to have available for other levels in the following days. Among the topics that can be learned are: What are non-fungible Tokens ?, Crypto 101, Lightning Network for "fools", among others.


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