Ethereum Dark and $1,786 Coinreum Withdrawal Proof!?

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⁉️We touch on Ethereum Dark, Try our luck with a $1,789 Coinreum Withdrawal & reinvest in Bitconnect. 


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In this video we explain a little bit about Ethereum Dark and jumping in before the big news. We got in at .61 cents where we shared the signal on Instagram a few weeks ago. Ethereum dark has the potential to rise to $10-$20 if not much more by a low supply.   

We then take a look at coinreum and want to put them to the test to see if coinreum is legit and paying. We decided to do a big coinreum withdrawal of $1,789. We got bitcoin, ethereum, dash and lite coin in our exodus wallet after the withdrawal.   

It took coinreum about 32 minutes to process all of our withdrawals and have them into our wallet.   We also invest $100 into WesternCoin and are awaiting the ICO to launch its lending platform. 

The last thing we do in the video is jump over to bit connect where we reinvest a small daily amount of $10 to grow our passive crypto income stream. 


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