Update: MyEtherWallet DNS Hack. Does it affect you / safe to use?

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MyEtherWallet made the news yesterday for being compromised at a DNS level (Google / Amazon DNS - via BGP leak). This video covers what happened and how it may affect you. I also talk about the basics of how MEW works and how funds are stored.

Reddit threads: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/8ekfl6/myetherwallet_has_been_hackedbreached/

Official MEW statement: https://www.reddit.com/r/MyEtherWallet/comments/8eloo9/official_statement_regarding_dns_spoofing_of/

BGP leaks: https://blog.cloudflare.com/bgp-leaks-and-crypto-currencies/

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After hacking, MEW has returned to normal. Users are required to remain cautious, and make sure that the information obtained comes from a trusted source.


I am your big fan. You do an unbiased review of Cryptocurrency and different projects.

Hi Mikel!

Wow thanks a lot for informing us about that MEW hack. Always stay safe and take care people.

Great vid eo thanks for this very useful advice and for the links.

exceptional exposure. important in watching many people. there are signs to follow. thank you

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great info

Hello Michael, thank you for this important update. I have used MyEtherWallet in the past. Luckily, not recently. I am still going to check my balance.

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for great security its really needed no doubt
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oh its DNS hacked
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MyCrypto, a MEW rival service has also confirmed the DNS hack. The platform posted a tweet announcing that MEW user accounts have been compromised. In what seems can be seen less than subtle schadenfreude, the MyCrypto team is giving out all the details of the problem. It will be recalled that a bitter feud between MEW founders is what led to the breakaway of MyCrypto from MEW.

Thanks for the info! scary scary

That’s great video post in right time. Thanks for this post. Really helpful. @boxmining

Oh geez, those poor souls who lost there precious ether!

Thanks for posting. I have mycrypto and was worried this would be compromised but it is not

My heart goes out to all those who lost funds on the DNS server hack. Truly must feel awful and out of their control. I had retweeted the news as soon as I read it and forwarded to guys with big twitter followings in hope to mitigate the damage. Not much else that could have been done at that stage :(

MEW (My ETHER Wallet) has been restored! :)

Thank you Michael for the very detailed and helpful post!
Safety for all. More info on Reddit:

Please note:

  • You can use https with IP by assigning SSL certificates to IP range but it is not done usually! The problem is that the IP is not static and it could change and there is no way for you to know what the IP is at all time as they could be using DHCP. DNS is actually doing the translation for you. Best way is to NEVER ignore the message that prompts that the "Certificate is not valid", unless you are doing internal test with a locally generated certificates for test.

Great post.
I appreciate crypto.
I appreciate your blockhain.
Thanks for sharing this bitcoin.

What your EtherWallet DNS Hack. Does it affect you / safe to use ,,,yes I safe to use my account,, thanks for sharing with this video....


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Wonderful video
thanks for sharing

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This isn't the first time the dns record has been hijacked and it won't be the last this is why I prefer running wallet software offline although combined with a hardware wallet mew is pretty secure.

Great Vid