Tether did something STUPID...

in #bitcoin5 years ago

Tether issues a new stable coin pegged to the Chinese Yuan called the $CNHT. 20,000,000 CNHT has already been used, due to hit exchanges and potentially ire the Chinese Government. BAKKT warehouse launches and gets ready for futures trading.


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they keep doing stuff like this

Dude.....fuck the Chinese Government. If they want to clamp down on Crypto and miss out on this new fintech revolution then they are going to deserve what they get. Left behind!

I am no fan of Tether, but your whole argument is that they shouldn't do this because they will piss of the Chinese Government. It's a weak argument. Do you think the Western Governments aren't already pissed off with crypto?

Sometimes I think your bias is very obvious and this is one such case.

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