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Well now its time for my alts to start gaining again.

Can I get an A MEN!?

all the alts to the moon!

This seems rather stupid. The whole debate was from the beginning. No capacity increase yet again, I am sad how the community can't agree on a clean upgrade, it is only a one line of change in the code to increase the size of blocks for 2MB.

One minute silence for the people who were ready to get free BTC Gold :) Useful information shared.............................


It wasn't the bitcoin gold hardfork, it's the segwit 2x


My BTG prediction did not work out...

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I assume we shouldn't worry about this fork cancelation.

Hey boxmining,
Thanks for the great content

Yay!!! I thought it sounded mental, bloody glad this has been cancelled. Looks like I was right to completely ignore it in the first place then! :-D