Scams and Phishing Warning

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Recently there has been a huge surge in the number of scams on both youtube and slack. The one that really annoys me is the fake Boxmining scam, where someone uses the same name as me and offers an "opportunity". These are completely fake and do not fall for them. Another scam that is very common on slack is the fake myetherwallet scam. Please beware guys and stay vigilant !

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Geez ... so many scammers. Thanks for bringing attention to it!

That is right , all kinds of myetherwallet relicks that usually have an added character somewhere, watch out!!!

luckily the fake URL has already been disabled!

Hey boxmining,
Thanks for the great content

Scams and phishing are everywhere and it always pay to heed on warnings such as this. Thanks for sharing. Congrats and also be careful for being popular. That's the perks and price for being one. :)

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The fact that anyone takes anything seriously on slack still is mind blowing.

only great things have fake imitations. Congrats!

hehe always another side to the coin

Oh wow! You are on Steemit as well. I have seen you on YouTube. It is kind of crazy how everyone has came over here now.

Thanks For Sharing..:-)
I am new on steemit, Keep it Up !
( Best Of Luck )

Great post to keep others aware of the scams :) . Keep up the great work. Check out my blog for free bitcoin links and apps :)

If it's too good to be true or just smells a little fishy, just let it be.


Thanks. Back in the day, we would mostly get Nigeria prince email scam offers. They say people died and they want to send you the money but need all your information so they can steal your bank money and identity and credit cards and everything. Now, the scams are more advance. There are more scams now. So, as we evolve through technology, so do the criminals, the black and white hats alike.... and others....

Another way to look at it is you've achieved something that others are willing to tap on your popularity :-) But no worry, there is always one and only @boxmining we know lol

Thanks for the heads up. The youtube's impersonation scam is new. Most people are likely to fall for it. Slack's channel phishing is now a bit old, but people still fall for it, so I think it's good as you are throwing more light on it. Thanks

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Thanks for the heads up


Thanks for the heads up! Well you know made it when people impersonate

PayPal has a very a subtle scam too. Educate yourself here:

Basically, don't click on any dubious links should "PayPal" send it to you.

Hey Michael, the drawing you have to amend your pic looks like you mean "shithead"... are you sure you didn't want yourself look like a Chinaman? Anyway, thanks for all your great work! Please forget the NDA's and give us more info on Iceland...


Original fakes!