[dtube] Daily: Bullish Senate hearing sends Bitcoin Flying

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Market Rapidly Rebounds after positive response to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the US senate Hearing. CFTC chair Chris Giancarlo strongly defended the crypto space.
1:21 US Senate Hearing takes Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies seriously.
3:10 ICOs regulation warnings.

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I take encouragement from the remarks made by the chairmen of the SEC and CFTC that were surprisingly optimistic about blockchain and crypto.
The comment of Virginia Senator Mark Warner who gave testimony to the Senate hearing was also very encouraging. It is quite clear that he sees the enormous transformative potential of crypto and blockchain:

''I think we may be on top of something that’s transformational, and I don’t think you can separate the underlying, distributed-ledger blockchain from some of these crypto assets,” Warner argued. “If we had the same rate of increase the next two years that we’ve had the last couple [of] years, we’re talking now a couple hundred billion, we’d be at north of 20 trillion dollars caught up in this area by 2020.”

Good new for the market..nice video.thanks for sharing us...@boxmining

good news for the market and cryptoeconomics

Great information thanks for sharing upvote,resteemed by..@alimughal786

The Congressional news was well needed. So much FUD going around its good to finally get some good news out.

nice [email protected] informative...thanks for share

This is awesome news, I watched the stream nervously but was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

they are scaried because lot ppl earing good amount of money and instead put in bank we trend to hold some money on crypto markets. No tax and no regulation.. is what they hate

After all the FUD spread by the media we are finally getting some good news.

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Finally a post is making me happy about cryptocurrency

positive response to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the US senate Hearing

I would keep holding

Great info! Upvoted and Resteemed by @cryptoryno33

Awesome video! We had to upvote

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