Objectively Analyzing Blockchain Projects @ Blockchain Revolution (Jibrel Network)

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Objective analysis is the only way to discover the best Blockchain Projects that will spark the Blockchain Revolution. Understanding the correct application of smart contracts and the team behind the project is crucial.
Presentation from Blockchain Revolution Hosted by Jibrel Network (https://jibrel.network/) (17th Jan 2018)
This conference was sponsored by Seoul City Council and hosted 500+ attendees, 50+ journalists and many government ministers.

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good video!

Hmm why are you even talking about enjin coin out of all kind of serious coin out there..


Can't say I have ever heard of Enjin Coin... just looked it up there and its something about Minecraft... i'm not a gamer so that's probably why...

He seems to be much involved with gaming, so it makes sense for him to get interested in that particular coin

This is going to be more and more mainstream taking about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Blockchain is a new chapter in economy and technology in history.


Great job @boxmining showing off your smooth presenting skillzz!

I support blockchain especially for those who are still unbanked

If more people would objectively analyze blockchain projects, we would see less situations like with bitconnect... unfortunately there is still such a huge element of gambling involved...

Great job!

Boxmining always good speaking

Love the youtube videos, Ive been following you since the beginning and your informative videos provide me with a lot of insight into useful topics. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you :)

Very interesting...with you all d way

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wow, i had fun watching. thank you so much for sharing

great post! Like always...hahahahahaha

Thanks for sharing!!

What up boxmining, I watch your youtube stuff.

Great video...thank you! Always so informative! Hope you are enjoying Seoul!

thanks, happy today

Your video informative and helpful for us. Resteemit and vote done..

Great guy and nice and informative video. Thanks for sharing

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Yes are you talking about coin. Good job. Thanks shareing your post.

People always want to like this post. thanks @boxmining

Yes objective analysis is the best approach. Because many ico are coming with ponzi schemes. Only the best use cases will survive in long run.

Great post and awesome show you did! You are so knowledgeable about the crypto world, I'm happy to be following you!!

Just curious do those logos in your presentation pay you for advertising? And go NEO I’m a holder :)

Great video on how we should better do research to understand projects! I’m a long time YouTube subscriber of yours! Another great video my dude, and very nice to see you speaking at the Blockchain conference. 👌🏾

Congratz on your grow in subscribers and keep up the good work informing us about good and great projects :)

Some of these projects are really good and ill be looking closely at them. Thanks for sharing.

I think many of us really appreciate the deeper view on the use of blockchain technology, it gives us different perspective how to choose particular coins to invest.
Thank you so much, also, for giving us some of your background, I have been following you for a few months so I am happy to learn that you have experience in the field.

i think that the cryptocurrency is the future, but right now it is so uncertain because the governments are afraid of what it can become.

you can just summarize it by saying "the code is law"

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