News: Crypto Rally got REKT / Rumor: Samsung to support ALL ERC20 & ERC1155

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Yesterday's crypto gains were destroyed today in a matter of 30 mins. This formation of the famous "Bart Simpson" pattern indicates a thin buy and sell wall. Samsung S10 phone is show with EnjinWallet on promotional material - if true it means it will support all ERC-20, ERC-1155 tokens and Decentralized exchanges like Kyber and Changelly.
0:50 Market "Bart Simpsons"
5:41 Ethereum Constantinople
7:45 Rumor: Samsung s10 to use Enjin Wallet?

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Samsung S10 + ENJ Wallet ?

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The innovation of Samsung to launch this is an incredible opportunity for many to participate in the cryptocurrency ecosystem which could help adoption as interface and security continues to improve. I have enjoyed the Enjin wallet since your New Year’s video so thanks!

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XRP on Coinbase in the next video?

Samsung "S" brand is my most favorite.I am use s bran phone.Really awesome review keep on


It is a play off the purposeful misspelling of "HOLD" to "HODL" seen commonly across the crypto space

the origins of HODL date back to a viral reddit post about one's frustrations with crypto volatility, leading him to say that he will just HODL all his BTC

others have also said that HODL stands for "Hold On for Dear Life"


hope this helps =D


I see I didn't see buidl in the space that frequently like hodl 😮 that's why I thought it was an spelling error 😂

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