News: BitTorrent (BTT) ICO Aftermath / Justice for Bitgrail Victims / Kik fights SEC

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BitTorrent ICO Aftermath - Binance launchpad was overloaded and only 962 participants got into the sale. Justice for Bitgrail as CEO found personally liable for damages. Kik fights SEC.

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I think if more companies were to fight the SEC we would have more regulatory clarity. Support Kik in this because some situations can be best solved in court. The end result is we will know once and for all what the rules are.


Agree with you on this as the implications will have the ability to se precedents for future projects. It seems like they did some great due diligence when preparing for ICO which will pay off when facing the SEC. I think their only problem will be the amount raised without filing an exemption.

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Thanks sir @boxming for sharing the valuable update with us.

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It will help people who have some TRON tokens but what are the beneficial we are going to get by using these BitTorrent coins?

Dear @boxmining,
I Hope This news and video will be help us.Thanks for your new new update information.

That was a huge money grab for TRX and Binance. Smh smh

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Great info mate!

Thanks for the important news. I love your crypto videos.

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bittorent old skool for free music sharing hope its legit like my links bro