JP Morgan coin is a Scam: Here is why

in bitcoin •  2 months ago

JP Morgan coin is a scam - it's solving a problem that has already been solved by Bitcoin. For centuries big banks have had a monopoly on currency transfers - and they charge a large premium for essentially sending digital IOUs to each other. Now they are taking our freely available technology as their own. Simply said: Why should we trust a bank that has been fined for: toxic securities abuses, money laundering, consumer protection violation ...

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Of course, this is just how the world operates....... Tell everyone this is so bad, and then grab a handful when no one is taking any. This is just how very powerful crooks operate. This isn’t just JP Morgan just look at the constant flow of corporate corruption for example the Renault/Nesan CEO who is being held in jail....... This is how big money plays

Not a scam, just a really bad product.


But it's good news because it puts a positive spin on the blockchain in the eyes of the public. The public may not love banks but it respects them.

Thats the spirit. I am listening!

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JP Morgan echoes one "fictional" entity: EvilCorp

This is the best video of yours I've seen so far.

Are you in

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Totally agree! Think about it.. they will be using our deposited fiat to distribute these coins! Fractional reserving at its best!

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