[dtube] Daily: Binance Resumes / MyEtherWallet Breaks UP

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Binance not hacked and resumes trading / Hostile takeover of My Ether Wallet Twitter following myetherwallet co-founder breakup.

0:51 Market Analysis
1:36 Binance is up and running. NOT Hacked
3:21 MyEtherWallet Debacle explained
8:27 City of Taipei Confirms It's Testing IOTA Tech for ID

Mycrypto explaination of hostile takeover: https://twitter.com/mycrypto/status/961885331183185924

MyEtherWallet explaination: https://twitter.com/myetherwallet/status/961792085060808704

Alternatives to MEW:
MIST (Ethereum Foundation): https://www.ethereum.org/
Metamask: https://metamask.io
Enjin Wallet (Mobile): https://enjinwallet.io/

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very good news

I am a big fan of Binance Though i do not like the idea of minimum withdrawal limits.

Arguments against keeping coins in exchanges like Binance:

You don't own the private keys of your wallets.
Most are unregulated and uninsured.

I keep 0% in exchanges and you should too!!!

I think the Bitgrail situation showed everyone the dangers of leaving Coins in exchanges. Although if there was one exchange I would trust, it would be Binance.

Trust yourself and self educate yourself so that you don’t need to trust the exchanges to store your money. Be your own bank

Cold storage is great for people looking to "Hodl" but not for day traders, swing traders etc.

Yeah, that mininum withdrawal got me but it is still better than blockchain confirmation isssue

It does tend to create problems especially for people with lower trading amounts, although they're working on a solution to enable users to trade fractions of coins for binance coin. The point being binance coin = Dust. We shall see.

yup ...they dont want somebody withdraw...hehehe n no fractional trade also ...thts the flaw

So much drama in the BTC

yup btc itself is a drama ..... so more drama in drama ..... it was in icu for some days ....bleeding

Aha yup, hopefully this is one of those whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger things

lol may be so


aything new

Tings a gwan

It's fortunate the Binance event turned out to be only a rather long outage, and not something worse. But this is yet another lesson for us to withdraw most of our crypto assets to wallets that we control. And leaving at exchanges only the amount we plan for short term trading.

Admittedly there are the cost and time factors. The transfer fee at Binance for ERC20 tokens are significantly higher than Bittrex. It's like Binance intentionally doing so to discourage clients from withdrawing.

At first I was concerned but I think I'm going to follow a supported route and go with my crypto. I can't wait to see how mycrypto and myetherwallet develop moving forward. I really hope they'll both continue develop for the crypto space and stay free and open.

Well, that's good news.

Binance is the very fast growing exchange & its on its way to come under top 3 exchange because its giving more option on trading new coins for the traders which is attracting the traders for sure.

I think tron is really going to have a decent rise going forward, they have a huge comunity following.

yup ...its underdog n soon it will shine ....keep croos ur finger

The normal website still doesn't work but us.binance.com is working and if you are having problems with your withdrawal email confirmation link try replacing the www. with us.

Binance not hacked and resumes trading / Hostile takeover of My Ether Wallet Twitter following myetherwallet co-founder breakup.

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thankful for important information

I think your title about MEW breaking up is too misleading. Too much of a click bait scheme. It really frightened me that MEW had a real issue. Just some feedback for you. I like your channel.

I think it was irresponsible for Binance to not take the proper actions and inform the users of the updated URL. It should have been a pinned tweet by Binance, and not the un-confirmed​ CEO account. Additionally, emails should have gone out to all users, confirming a link to the correct URL.

Should I stock up on iota?

Interesting article!

Checkout @cryptobroye for more bitcoin info and analysis. Im sure there's a lot we can learn from each other!

Ap ki posts bhot ache hoti hy .might bhot pasand hy,ap bhot acha Kam kr rha hy .use trha Janat krti rho.good post,

Great post! I Upvoted and followed. Do the same and we can support one another.

It is a relief that Binance was not hacked, but I am not able to trade on there again yet. Has anyone actually had trading resume on their account since the maintenance?

Thank you for sharing good point.

exelente su publicacion felicidades

Good information, hope we all learn from this.

Fellow Binancians,

Binance will perform a scheduled system upgrade shortly after 2018/02/10 6:00 AM (UTC). The upgrade will take approximately 30 minutes. Binance will suspend withdrawals and trading during this period. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your patience.

Thank you for your support.

Binance Team


good info and helps me learn - upvoted

mycrypto MyCrypto.com tweeted @ 09 Feb 2018 - 08:51 UTC


myetherwallet MyEtherWallet.com tweeted @ 09 Feb 2018 - 02:41 UTC

@myetherwallet Twitter handle was changed without knowledge or permission of MEW's founder. We are investigating th… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

This is why I really dislike John McAfee, he has influence and lots of followers. He didn't do the responsible thing by contacting Binance directly and confirming it, instead he perpetuated it. It is soooooo grossly irresponsible and, in my not so humble opinion, very stupid, not to try to confirm something before spreading it.

Think for yourself! Don't let John McAfee think for you. lol

I like John McAfee and just one tweet doesn't make me hate him and I follow him and at the same time I've the ability to think for myself.

If people can't think or research for themselves then it's their problem. It's always easy to blame someone else right ?

He doesn't think for me. I am pointing this out because there are people that will take his word as fact because he is a person of influence. I do my own research and I don't take anything he says as fact until I verify it myself.

I think he is irresponsible of him for not doing his due diligence himself before spreading a rumor to his followers.

In most of the countries cryptocurrencies are ban now.

It's really great post. Thanks for sharing.

I am a major devotee of Binance Though I don't care for the possibility of least withdrawal limits.

realmente disfruto su publicacion

lots of fud out there in reality binance announced that they would be doing maintenance back in January so it comes to no surprise although they didn't give specific time frame they did say February.

This publication has caught my attention because this is something that is being achieved to see that break is something that goes up every day as for example what is happening with the nano ledger s and its recent problems.

By the way very good criticism that you do I congratulate you.

A big hug from Venezuela I hope we can continue reading

Cool....now the tension is down

Thanks for this great post 👏😎

scary stuff, could the FUD be real this time?

I Knew binance wasn't hacked from the start! Thanks for the great post, and for posting positive info! image

Binance has always been fast and reliable whenever I use it.

Binance is down again... even the sub domains us.binance and kr.binance... I'm using KuCoin and Bitfinex in the meanwhile

Good to hear that Binance is back up and ready for trading.

thanks from information @boxmining

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You guys are doing a good job. Thanks for the info!

this is unexpected, but it is good to know because of its immediacy and reliability, thanks for the contribution

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I am new to steemit
But i like the way the binance works
It is very reliable and handy
Good post btw

NICE post
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good news. thanks for information :)

Thank you for the information

thank you for this information

Good to know about binance ^_^

#momina @momina

my friend have a trading account in binance lost his coin they hack email

Great post.

bitcoin back pleas look my channel

Hello BOXMINING always like ur videos, great spirit ! :)

Thank you so much for the links
I think the Binance is the best exchange

thank you myetherwallet

Binance exchange is one of the best growing exchange in the market. It is safe and not hacked.

I still believe on Binance. The only exchange i trust to trade.

For some reason only https://us.biance.com works for me. Don't know why binance.com doesn't work, anyone know why they changed the domain name??

Thanks so much for explaining the whole MEW / MyCrypto thing. I was so surprised!
I have never really been a fan of MEW. Can't wait for the Pillar project to be launched, so we finally have a good alternative... I will check out Enjin, too - had not heard of that!

Great article bro. Been on steemit for a minute. Def will support you!!

Here’s a new one to check out if anyone’s interested 🙃

OBXcoin: https://obxcoin.io

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Great post :)

Binance is one of the best ewallet. One reason I used binance more than other Cryptocurrency wallet is because of ease in exchanging coins

myetherwallet is an excellent wallet, i will stay use it

Great Info, and great content. Just created my Ether Account. Thanks for the info.

Yup its a wake up call from many exchanges tht we should not put our all btc eth or coins in particular exchange.. Must store it in hardware or cold wallet.. Myetherwallet got new competition now and its mycrypto.com

thanks for that wonderful message @boxmining, i hope to get more updates from you

Hey, nice video. I agree on the whole MEW situation just coming off very unprofessional. In Crypto I believe professionalism and trust goes a long way and this whole thing was just handled like a high school breakup. With that said, I appreciate the way Binance handled their issues. I have about as much confidence in Binance as I could have in an unregulated centralized exchange.

One question, or point. Why not mention the Ether Ledger app as a MEW alternative? I use it all the time, I appreciate the easy to use interface and it has worked very well for me. For those that have a Ledger I would think this should be the method of sending and receiving supported cryptos. Maybe some don't realize it's available? Or maybe I am missing something? Let me know.


i follow boxmining updates and content which helps me understanding coins to valuable information thank you boxmining

thanks for the info

I do not used Binance but for the good of the fragile crypto trading space I hope this all turns out well. I know that every little issue is hyper inflated right now and this is news we need turned around in a positive direction in order to keep it from turning into fud.

Very good explication +1 follower


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I'm not a huge Ether-wallet person, but I do have some Eth tokens and erc20 that are not supported by exodus etc...
Which of these would work best with Dragonchain?

"Alternatives to MEW:
MIST (Ethereum Foundation): https://www.ethereum.org/
Metamask: https://metamask.io
Enjin Wallet (Mobile): https://enjinwallet.io/ "

I'm going to look good.

I do not live in an English speaking country, so I would appreciate your understanding if it is not English.

Always happy
I hope you will be filled with good things :)

Trading on Kucoin is a blast! Bought some coins and fees are low😬

Yes binance is back and the have giving their users 70% discount of fees up until11-02-2018 Binance is back.jpg 24 Feb 2018

I love Binance but there withdrawal limits are a bit of a joke, to withdraw ETH you have to have 0.1, anything below that in your account then you can't withdraw.

follow and vote muktariza011095

Cz is a boss, the way he handled the McCafee tweets was great, and his main goal now that his exchange is Number1, is to offer top notch customer support! We need more champions like this in the crypto space.