Dash Core CEO Interview at 10 AM EST

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I'm going to interview him on youtube. What questions do you have for him about DASH and the future of DASH ?


I'll be interviewing the CEO of Dash Core. Dash is a community run coin with a network of masternodes the governs the Dash foundation. Recently Dash Evolution has been announced to improve the network and I'll ask Ryan some questions about the future of DASH

This will be a LIVE show!


  • Is it possible that dash will get a lighting work style payment like LTC and BTC ?
  • Will evolution have NFC tap-to-pay at the point of sale? It needs to have this if you want to compete with the convenience of fiat money.
  • How long until the key evolution features are released? This was supposed to occur June, I assume they will be pushed back, but how far?
  • Beyond being able to send Dash to a simple username, will the Evolution upgrade thats been in development for almost a year now, do other things? Or will it just be a customized copay wallet?
  • evolution safety issues, aka the paypal website login thingy they are building. How to trust a site with your login?(easy website spoofing)
  • Hw wallet compatability with evolution?
  • Oh and one more; any plans for placing the focus back on privacy and upgrading darksend? The privacy contest has since heated up ALOT and I would really like to see Dash reach back to its roots of Darkcoin and make a stand instead of sacrificing privacy for usability. Thats something Google would do lol
  • Thoughts on lowering proposal cost. with increasing Dash value .
  • Updates on specialized Masternode hardware,evolution marketplace.
  • Will Dash pay existing exchanges to implement instantsend send functionality?
  • Any update on Bitcart? They had a controvery
  • Could PrivateSend be increase in its speed?


  • If i think one of the biggest issues of cryptos is people who are scared of losing their password and recovery code and lose all their money. Is there a possibility of you creating a system were lost funds can be regained? much like how you can go into a bank if you forget your password.
  • What can you say to dissuade the common fear of Dash being overly centralized?
  • Are covenants/vaults still planned to be implemented? If so when, or if not why not? Or will there be other ways to achieve the same functionality? This allows you to send ("lock") your BTC (or Dash in this case) to a special address which has 2 keys, and in order to move it out of that address, you must wait a set period of time (say 24 hrs). Thus, if one key gets stolen you have time to reverse it, within that time period. If both keys are stolen, you can at least burn the money and not let the thief get any of it, which would reduce the incentive for theft in the first place.
  • I like the idea of a built in governance structure. Its a very forward thinking concept. However if all it takes to control a master node and earn a vote is 1000 Dash coins what is to stop a really rich person or group with nefarious intent from buying up a majority of master nodes and taking control of the network?
  • Is Dash ever going to lower the Masternode collateral like they promised a hundred times over? Kind of impossible to get into Dash unless you just make the MNO's profit and hope the price gains....
  • Also; as a follow up, Are there any plans or voices of reason saying that Dash should copy SmartCash and reward ALL holders as opposed to just the wealthy elite?
  • How are they going to get people to actual use Dash as a payment system, instead of using it as an store of value/speculation.
  • With governments' strict KYC AML, do you really think they will allow anonymous coins to be traded at a large scale on regulated exchanges and markets?
  • Is Coinbase or GDAX integration likely this year?
  • How would Dash handle a government's prohibitive regulatory stance against privacy coins like Dash, Monero and Zcash, perhaps even an outright ban?
  • When will the Alt 36 Dash Payment platform and its ATMs be available for use by marijuana dispensaries? I heard beta would be Nov or December 2017
  • Palm Beach Confidential said Alt36 has 2/3 or more of the marijuana industry as its clients. Is that accurate? How is that possible without an existing client base? How long would it take for the Alt36 platform to be in widespread use across USA dispensaries? What type of discounts do you think Dash or Alt36 will offer the dispensaries's customers?
  • Partnerships/Collaboration

Does Dash Core have any major marketing plans? How is the new Ogilvy rebranding going so far? When will their work begin to be seen by the public?

  • What projects or merchants are you exited about that you see as an integral part of your future success
  • Given Venezuela's two recent defaults against its US dollar-denominated sovereign bond issues, does Ryan think it could be strategic to try to form partnerships / offer funding to opposition government movements? An opposition movement that is pro cryptocurrency is likely to have big political backing particularly in Venezuala from the general public there. If Dash was successful in such a venture and a pro cryptocurrency government was the next in power, do you believe the Venezuala state could directly use the Dash budget to fund infrastructure projects, etc in the country and ultimately regard Dash as legal tender? What steps could the Dash community make to incentivise such a movement? (Note, I am assuming Dash budget value will have 10's to 100's of millions to fund per month some day.)
  • Dash Team
  • How many staff including freelance people are employed by dash
  • Staff how do you keep them happy and what do they complain about and what do they like best about working at dash
  • Why doesn't Dash try to hire more top blockchain talent like Bitcoin Core Developers by offering them a higher salary? This seems like an easy way to leverage the treasury to out-compete bitcoin for better developers.
  • Any update on Dash Labs with Evan Duffield?
  • Definitely ask Ryan about the scale of the Core team and the different facets of the team (code/legal/marketing/HR). Evolution interest bearing savings accounts... Scaling / Evan's Skunk Works offshoot.
  • What is the core team doing to improve its communication and improve its ability to estimate development time?
  • I have a question. I keep hearing that Dash is most likely going to be the main cryptocurreny that the legal marijuana industry is going to use. I want to know if this is true, or what his thoughts are on this.
  • Has he interacted with Max Keiser and/or Alec Baldwin? What are they like? Any juicy tidbits on the upcoming show?
  • Bitcoin core or Bitcoin Cash?
  • If you could step in a time machine and go back in the history of dash what would you do differently
  • If you could have one wish to make in the crypto world what would you wish for
  • Ask for his opinion on the percentage of hashrate that antpool has. Dash Extraction | https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dash/extraction.dws?38.htm
  • Also, how does Dash view Bitcoin Cash as a competitor? Thanks for what you do Boxmining, been following you since you first began making videos
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Dash i growing like crazy :)

interssting !! thank you

Yasss Keep going dash I love all to the things this coin is doing and see it being adopted more and more over the next year. I hear they have some serious marketing efforts coming up to help the adoption of it. Seems totally undervalued at only a 3-4 billion dollar market cap right now.


Agreed. DASH has focus, has a product, has a development team with skill, has a clear mission statement, and it is going to succeed big time.

This is going to be epic!

Listened to the full interview. Nice work on the interviewing job.

DASH is taking off - it has a CEO that knows what he is doing, highly credible and he is bringing focus to the DASH mission and team.

I am new fan, I'm moving some big $$ into DASH

Wow @boxmining! This video is absolutely amazing! All is well done there is nothing to say!

Dash is definitely a coin to consider in a diversified portfolio. This interview was great! Glad to see the willingness of the people behind this project to participate so willingly with the enthusiasts, investors, and users of this revolutionary technology.

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Excelente post, justo ayer edite un articulo sobre Dash, creo que es una criptomoneda que tiene un futuro prometedor, en lo que va del año a la fecha frente a su par el dolar DASH/USD tiene un rendimiento de 4359.64%, es impresionante.

Really nice article
So I resteem this post for more visibility

I can learn a lot from your Bitcoin Post and learn so much thanks for you

good work really I congratulate you

Looking forward to that @boxmining. I've resteemed for more views. I love dash

Best of luck for the interview

Ask him, "Sir, what are your plans, whether short term or long term, toward increasing the market capitalization of Dash from the current value of $4.463b ?" Thank you for your good work! @boxmining


That would not have been a good question. The CEO of a company does not work on changing capitalization, the CEO works on making sure the company has a clear mission, focus, resources, goals.

If he succeeds in that mandate, the capitalization will work itself out.

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Hope it could be trade on GDAX.

Nice article Boxmining I am just starting in crypto currencies and just started mining maybe just a month ago.

Your youtube channel is one of my favorite resources. Now I am following you and many others here on steemit.

Resteemed! Thanks once again o/

I love Dash but I wasn't very happy with the whole EEA, why wasn't this decided by voting?

cool.thank u

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Do we have readouts on how the interview went?

boxmining, you're contagious!