Daily: Market Recovery? Segwit2x Testnet Forks, Bitcoin Regulation?

in #bitcoin5 years ago (edited)

Topics covered:

  • Market Spotlight: slow recovery?
  • Segwit2x's Testnet Forks - Oopps
  • Mt Gox Trials: Karpeles admits operating Willy bot
  • Should Bitcoin be regulated?
  • China Spotlight: Press.One Part 2
  • Upcoming: Bitcoin Scaling Debate - With Special Guests (Jimmy Song)
  • Upgrade Time

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Is segwit2x happening or not?

Good work as always

Great insights as always :-) Interesting subjects as well. Thanks for sharing!

Bought steem at $1 :D

So I didn't know you were on steem until I found your video on youtube about it.....already one of your subscribers there, and happy to follow you here. Love your stuff, and my wife's a huge fan to...:)....giving a vote and a follow, would be a privilege to get a follow back...

crypto apocalypse over already? hope everyone was hodling!

Huge buying opportunities down the road, we will see a little bounce just what it did but I beleive it's a head fake, it's going lower soon but keep on stackin! 🤑😎

Great video! Good topics discussed Segwit 2x, Antshares all sorts of things to think about here!

Hi Micheal, August 11th, 2017 will be one of the biggest days EVER for the life of Bitcoin.

Potential proof of work of BIP148 on Aug 16th.

I think SegWit will cause a panic and drop Bitcoin down to $1300 maybe even as low as $1000.

My vote is for BIP148 to be used.

Regulation is a way to Manipulate.. that is why Bitcoin was created.
NO to Regulation.

Thanks for the post.
By the way, thanks for the code "6bXKwD" to get 3% off a purchase on Genesis Mining.

New to steemit but love watching your videos on YouTube. Nice to see you on here as well!

Do you think the hard fork is priced in already? Or will the market continue to slide down. I finally got approved by coinbase but I am not buying anything anytime soon.

Good video. I am hoping that this 'Bear Market' is not too long and for too far. I am just getting started with Cryptos and I am one of those speculators.

Great post man!the markets going to impress people real soon!

I know you mentioned in another video that you will be covering segwit Aug 1st in a future video, could you let us know what your own strategy will be before hand and possible after, depending on how things go. Thanks.

Great information as always!

I've had it with Ethereum .... I'm investing in Rustoleum ...


Awesome post, dont let the red numbers fool you, thanks for sharing #keepsteemin !:)

Keep up the work... your positive attitude is always a happy node in my day

cool! gonna use your code for my next update! anybody upgrading pls use mine too! happy mining everybody! cheeeeeeers!!! "0X9K7y" Use code and get 3% off every purchase =)

have a read guys livecoin.net is also like poloniex now messing with users


Bitcoin? Rather..

Nice! It could also read HODL CHC!

Thank you sharing it! Keep doing it!

It will go on lower at 1500 per BTC then shoot up.

I agree with you on this 😀

A very strong video today, Michael. I appreciate the calmness. An interesting thought that regulation can be a good thing....I tend to agree....regulation could lend stability by making it harder for bots (and people) to manipulate prices.

Hi Michael, great post as usual, however I would be very careful trading in these conditions, August 1st is coming, best to have a cash hedge on the side and to keep an eye on BTC. I have written an article about the current situation, would be honored to get your feedback on it :)

segwit2x hardfork is better than soft frok because it is permanent solution.if softfrk run.next year sure run hardfrok.miner should vote the favour of hardfrok

Nice work!

Awesome video mate!!

Yet another informative video. I feel bitcoin is about to climb. Thank you for sharing :)

Thanks for your work.

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