Daily: Market Falls Asleep? Walton (WTC) caught red handed

in bitcoin •  11 months ago

The markets over the past few weeks have been uninteresting - dare say - boring.
0:54 Market Analysis - ZzzzZZzz
1:29 Waltonchain (WTC) wins their own giveaway!
3:05 Undisclosed sources: SEC launches cryptocurrency probe
3:37 China's Police Expand Crypto Monitoring Overseas

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Nothing much is happening to crypto world... so boring.

That Waltonchain fail, crypto markets are still very young

China is full of surprise . It seems they dont want to leave crypto .

So if you go to WTC official telegram, they posted captures from people that purposely used this event to spread massive FUD. I’m not saying what they did wasn’t wrong, but it also was over $40 worth of WTC, don’t think a multimillion dollar company would risk their rep purposely for a louse $40 worth of coin. I was literally on binance last night thinking about dumping WTC with it down almost 20% and then suddenly a big green spike popped up. I did a quick search and saw the tweet and bought all the WTC I could as fast as possible and it ran up to just under $20. Likely the people that were yelling the loudest about the FUD were probably filling their bags at a 40% discount last night. They did the same the previous day with ZCL and pushed the price down to $65 before a bounce to just over $100 right before fork. Bottom line, many times the people spreading FUD have alterior motives, so be careful, it’s hard out there on those crypto streets.

Winning the own giveaways is key to success :>

Hahaha what a fail from Walton. In my opinion VeChain has better partnerships and cooperations anyway.

Even letting their own employees participate doesn't seem right. I thought that was like a golden rule in such contests.

And hilarity ensues! Cue the circus music!

China, monitoring everything! I can't say too much as I"m sure they're watching me right now!

Even though lately has been slightly on the boring side, it's all about looking into the future. Crypto is here to stay and new innovations are being brought into the marketplace on a daily basis. So much to be excited about. Especially the Steem Creators Conference coming up in April.


You are completely right with that. It is just a little boring because all many of these new innovations and brand new companies are finally really working on their projects. My guess is that in 1-3 month we will see more movement on the prices, but also more and amazing milestones from innovative companies.

Cryptos have been boring lately?! Who knew that could happen!? :)
Hehe, smart of Walton to have a GiveAway and win themself. "Caugth in the cookie jar" rings true here

This must have been expected considering the over $3 billion raised last year in these ICOs and with no registrations with the SEC. The SEC is doing their due diligence to ensure that investor interests are being protected where needed and to ensure laws intended to do so where not followed. This may cause some short term concern but the ICO public sale market has dried up lately due to these concerns anyway. They will first target those that are clear frauds.

Don't look good for Walton.