Daily: Market Dips Slightly, Censorship in Crypto? EOS FUD in China

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

Topics Covered

  • Market Recap
  • Coinbase Adds 1m new Users in June
  • Takeaway.com accepts bitcoin!
  • Censorship in Crypto
  • China Spotlight: EOS FUD
  • 20,000 Sub Giveaway Draw
  • Upgrade Time

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Thx for the video

Thank you!! Always keeping us up to date with crypto news. Appreciate it!!


In Germany, Lieferando is quite big. Nice to see them accepting Bitcoin :)

Cencorship in crypto 🙅🏽‍♂️

Thanks, although we're at times where things have stagmented and fallen its good to see some positive news

Maybe the cryptocurrency exchanges should close during the weekend in order to balance out their books. Even the Forex and Futures exchanges take a short break from trading.

my first source of crypto news keep it coming and congrats on your scuba cert, I also did mine a few years ago super fun experience!

I always like the info on Cryptos......thank you.......

Thanks for sharing that very valuable and insightful information. Upvoted.
New follower