Daily: Korea Legalizes Bitcoin, Segwit Clarification

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Boxmining Daily July 22
0:40 Market Recap
1:24 Korea Legalizes Bitcoin for Fintech Companies
2:17 Segwit Clarification
5:25 China Spotlight: trying to understand viaBTC
7:47 Upgrade Time

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Everyone is breathing again after the roller coaster ride but this is just the start.

Great one Boxmining! I admire you! Which main sources are you getting all these useful information? Thanks a have a great weekend!


Thanks for your explanation of what is going on with SegWit right now and why Bitcoin is currently headed for the moon again.

For viewers the site he was looking at the SegWit stats on is linked here:

Steem on.

Thank You Michael ......
I really love your Content and Cryptos are very exciting and a key to the Future Freedom of Humanity.

I was sleeping when the price was raisins after the Korean news :(

Aways informative, love boxmining daily, thanks!

Your perspective on the Asian markets is invaluable, great guide!! I'll re-steem!!

i enjoy your daily video on youtube now i follow you on steemit

Good informative segwit will clear till end of this month!

I'm pretty certain you mean south korea and not north korea. 😅

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