Daily: Friday Crypto Drop, Chaincoin, InsureX Hack

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Boxmining Daily July 14th:

  • Market Spotlight: Friday Blues?
  • Clarify Aug 1st - UASF
  • InsureX Hack
  • Tezos 232 M
  • Chaincoin and the power of the community
  • China Spotlight: Luck and Superstition
  • Upgrade Time

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Thank you for clarifying all this.

great video mate, #following #hodl #chain

Great video! Thank you for mentioning Chain Coin. HODL!

Hey @boxmining
I have around 10k$ worth of cash ready to purchase coins now that everything is going down. But I keep seeing ETH around 180-190 and other coins are low too.
My question is, do you think now is the bottom, or that we will see much lower prices as we approach the 1st of Aug?
Coz i keep thinking all the time that maybe now is the lowest you know :)

Thank you!

there is a pattern where cryptos are dropping Thu-Sun and going up Mon-Wed
if you want to trade just buy SUN and sell Wed... but the real value is in long term holding.
I believe we will have more ups and downs until 1st of August maybe even 1-2 weeks after this date.
but then....
only 1 every 1000 people is using or trading cryptos! this is MASSIVE potential for grow!
Buy now - hold - be rich in the near future!

Thats why Bitcoin is much safer.
If the old lady threw some bitcoin in the engine, there would be no problem.
^o^ Haha

But seriously. How to account for these old traditions of luck?
How do you throw bitcoin into a fountain? (Thats kind of the western equivalent of the chinese old lady)
Will we burn paper wallets for luck? smash old Miners at weddings?

It is quite intersting to point out the community aspect.
In that case Steem coins should have the biggest potential, because it revolves around a community.

Buy now while everything is cheap and hold 1 year. Ignore the swings. Thank me later.

Coins will come and go. The key is the technology (blockchains). A long term vision is not the next 5 days, but the next 5 years.

Wow thats a creative hack.

Always clear and informative. Thanks Michael!

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Everyone need to take emotion out of trading. Being emotional will only make you make big mistakes.