Daily Crypto News Digest - Feb 20th 2018

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New Bitcoin Code Will Finally Boast Full SegWit Support

Bitmex: Tether ‘Possibly’ Has Enough Cash Reserves, Could Still Be Shut Down

US: Republican, Democrat Officials Calling For Crypto Regulation In Rare Show Of Unity

Wyoming House Unanimously Passes Bill Exempting Utility Tokens from Securities Laws

California Bill Would Legally Recognize Blockchain Data

$850 Million Raised in ICO So Far, Says Telegram

South Korea’s Cryptocurrency Exchanges Made ‘$648 mln’ Taxable Revenue For 2017

Israel Confirms It Will Tax Bitcoin as Property

NRG eSports will utilize Enjin Coin technology to reward millions of their fans and educate them about blockchain in gaming

Open Source Community KDE Receives $200,000 in Bitcoin from The Pineapple fund


Interesting how the media have changed the narrative: the bubble will pop, to, goverments will embrace crypto, we all love crypto...

Suddenly the PM of india is tweeting that "new technology should be embraced", and the price from 6m, is slowly moving up to 12k.

Thanks Michael, love your channel!

The Pineapple Fund was started by a bitcoin millionaire who has given over 80 million to different charities. Including 5 million to a medical charity (Open Medicine Foundation) carrying out research into a neurological disease, that I suffer from, called Myalgic Encephyalitis. It affects over 17 million globally and 2 million Americans. It is a good news story about bitcoin that we should all promote.

Thanks for the news overview! Time-saving! CU

Thank you for the news!
Looking forward for the telegram ICO I think it will moon this year :)

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