Daily: Crypto Bull Rages, Ethereum Enterprise adds members, Segwit locking in

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Boxmining Daily July 19th:

  • Market Recap: Unleash the Bulls!
  • 34 more organizations join Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
  • Segwit Update: BIP 91 signal up
  • If ICO looks weird: don’t invest
  • China Spotlight: Husband sells house fund to buy bitcoin ASICs
  • Upcoming: Jimmy Song & Ivan on Tech
  • Upgrade Time

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Thanks again Michael.

Positivity always :)

This weekend BTC and the entire market will TANK!!

Any serious investor is going to see this as their last opportunity to buy up some cheap coins safely before August 1st.

Since the technology is too advanced for 90+% of the amateur speculators to really understand what's happening, large herds will follow any "trusted" advice and they'll get burnt and probably won't come back for a good number of months or years.

So boys and girls, get ready to pickup some cheap coin!



looks like its confirmed

Every coin is tanking :(

coincap july 20.png


yeah, if you're hodl'ing, I wouldn't worry... Like Michael has mentioned many times, we'll probably be just fine!

If you're looking to buy cheap... Try not to salivate too hard :D

If it goes under 2K again, I'm all over it!


haha, I thought it was cheap when it went below $2500

I saw in btcnews that BIP 91 is at 81.3% ! Its almost confirmed !

Btc is now splitting into 3 forks. What's your opinion on this?


We'll try to answer it tomorrow in a live episode with bitcoin developer Jimmy Song and Ivan on Tech

"If ICO looks weird: don’t invest" -- I can't drive this point home enough to people. Too much blind trust due to FOMO, thanks for covering this @boxmining as you have the advantage of a wider audience.

Thanks for saying always your true opinion on things even if it is negative.
Please keep this in future, if you will get offers to advertise ICOs.

BTC - will trade between 2300-2500 through the end of this week unless more good news about SegWit implementation comes out at which point it could break through 2500 and test 2750 again. The move down could test the 2100-2150 levels but I would see that as a huge opportunity to open up some long positions.

My morning thoughts below.


So many weird ICOs eg fucktoken.io So many peeps investing in it 😬

Welcome to a world where everyone gives a FUCK. Dozens of ICOs are popping up daily, all with empty promises of how they will change the world. They spew enticing buzzwords and confusing rhetoric just to make you invest in their idea. With FUCK tokens, we present a unique opportunity to express how you really feel.


They ended up getting $94,000 in the ICO



Upvoted and followed, thanks for the news!

Note that I saw your video unattributed at this post, I will also mention it to the poster.

Just joined on to Steemit because of you. Looking forward to your videos each day. :-)

Yes Beware of the wifes!
I think every Crypto-Investor can tell a story, where their wife or girlfriend cost them Bitcoins because they dont understand and believe.
Most times just by switching off the computer, while mining...

How about you guys?
Do you have a funny story like that??

Thanks for the post Michael
Prices are going to be nuts this weekend into next week.

If ICO looks weird: don’t invest

If only people would listen, but think about it:

There are people still out there getting scammed by Nigerian princes, so these scams won't be stopping anytime soon, that's for sure.

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Another great video man. I learn a lot from your vids.