Daily: Bitcoin Cash Rising WTF! Segwit2x not dead??

in bitcoin •  7 months ago

Bitcoin Cashing has risen over 30% over the past 24 hours AND segwit2x community wants to FORK. Discuss Bitcoin Cash and more on http://forums.boxmining.com
0:51 Market Analysis
3:44 Bitcoin Cash mega rally WTF??
6:25 bitcoin2x.org wants to continue segwit2x
9:46 Parity Wallet ‘Continues Investigating’
10:54 Future Discussion: Community Forums

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BEWARE "There is ONLY ONE BITCOIN" ALL OTHERS ARE JUST CHEAP COPIES with an UNFRIENDLY DIFFERENT PHILOSOPHY They are a gamble. It's become just like fiat for them lets print another copy .


Exactly, they are all just computer code! Sure track record and branding come into it but they shouldn't to the point where you ignore obvious issues or superior competition.

Go BCH GO! I hodl-ed you, now make me happy!

Bitcoin Cash vs Litecoin = LTC wins!!!


2018= Year of LTC!


LTC is ready for moonshot

Great post

Great updates.

BCH is going through a hard fork that has been planned to take place 11/13/2017. People are pumping it up to get as much as possible from the split, just like in all the other bitcoin hard forks. Here's a link to an article about it.



That's not the case. BCH is undergoing an upgrade through a fork. There will be no split.

Nice analysis, thank you. So do you think Segwit is dead or will they just fork in the future with a better solution than Segwit2. Just curious your perspective.

You scared me


I think both currencies b cash and btc have a larger part to play. I am hodl.


What is bcash? To my knowledge it is a project that uses ZCash. I think you are confusing bcash with Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin cash is the currency for future . It will get dumped in coming years .

Great video @boxmining as usual. Love the idea for the forum. Can see you making a good community of crypto investors, traders and generally experienced people giving the best possible advice from all different angles. Also SMTs ofc :) Best of luck with that! Re-steemed for support.

You don't need to fork to mess with the brand

the victory for decentralization

Yeah Bitcoin is slashing down now from its crown position, mainly because of the segwit2x issue..does it mean it’s time to sell.. change to some alt coins..?? @boxmining


its hard to say. bitcoin going down means bad news for crypto. but then agian bitcoin ALWAYS goes up and down.


I don´t really like what either BTC/BCH has become... When i started with BTC it felt dark and nerdy i thought i might get arrested just for having some i bought from this 2nd live virwox exchange ;) Heck i didn´t know any name´s besides maybe Satoshi Nakamura ...
But nowadays i know plenty and it just feels driven by greed and interest´s of mighty BTC/BCH groups. It´s really sad. :(


I feel the same way. BTC was so anti-establishment back in the day. It was about being anonymous, micro transactions. The free economy. now it seems to be none of those things.

Been looking hard at some of the privacy coins. They seem to be the fulfillment of what BTC was meant to be.

bitcoin is progressing by leap and bounds

Nice analysis, thank you.

Bch will end up going back down again

I saw this coming if segwit2x would fail Bitcoin cash would eventually take over the segwit2x community as the preferred method of payment and crypto I see Bitcoin now is only a store of value and Bitcoin cash potentially taking over as a payment Network

But no donations 😂😂😂

Shifting in the tide of people just chasing from one

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash are dinosaurs compared to ETH and Dash. Second generation blockchains will win out. Pioneers get slaughtered, Settlers win.

If I had to choose Bitcoin Cash will move forward much faster and better than Bitcoin.

Boxmining forgot to infer as to why buy Bitcoin when there is Litecoin. They both have Segwit and plan to use the vaporware Lightning Network.

We have to watch for coming up blockchains.