Coinbase: Spying & Leaked KYC (!!) / IMF angry at Malta

in bitcoin •  2 months ago

Coinbase's current KYC partner was found reselling customer information (WTF!!!). Coupled with the new acquisition of Neutrino, a company that has ties to spying software, the #deleteCoinbase is taking a whole new level of urgency. Starbucks is seriously considering digital payments after obtaining Bakkt equity (for free)

Livestream with CryptoCandor:

1:13 Coinbase KYC leaked + dangerous new acquisition
3:48 Starbucks to integrate crypto payments
5:01 Plair lists on Oceanex
5:40 IMF angry at Malta for Blockchain business

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If you live in Washington State, you cannot use most crypto exchanges because they have been regulated out of Washington. I use Coinbase because it's one of the few that hasn't fled the regulators. I had a Kraken account just before the legislation passed, and then after, Kraken informed me that they don't do business in Washington any longer so I can't do anything on my account with them.

If my personal data has already been sold because of using Coinbase, then there is nothing I can do about that now. I don't have many options so I will continue to use Coinbase. Incidentally, I don't trust any exchanges as I lost all of my BTC position back when Mt.Gox went under.


Have you checked out Gemeni? I prefer Gemeni check it out if you haven’t.


Thanks @californiacrypto, I will check them out! :)

Saw CZ gave you a shout out on his twitter ama today :=)

Can't remember the exact time of it but it wasn't at the beginning.

I closed my coinbase account 1-2 weeks before this as it took them weeks to respond to tickets with mostly copy and paste answers making it the poorest customer service I've ever experienced from an exchange as after 2 months my issue wasn't resolved or even responded too in any meaning full way.

Coinbase is heading towards becoming the next MtGox. @boxmining you lost some funds there I am sure

Starbucks involved in Bakkt is the biggest potential for adoption improvements that can really create value given their distribution!

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It's been pretty obvious for a while that Coinbase have some not-too-nice dealings with the government. Sad to see them fall to these depths though

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