China Exchange and ICO Update with Lola

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Lola is my friend working on Blockchain Media in China. She's always on the front lines of Chinese news and policies and I managed to ask her some questions about the current situation there. We talk about ways to analyze the situation with chinese exchanges and more. She also works in the same office as NEO / Antshares, so hopefully next time she can grab Da Hong Fei.

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Ive been waiting a long time

cool story bro

thanks for the info!

Nice! Been waiting for some "inside" info.

good info!!!! and what a crypto cuite!!

Thanks for the info dear, and what is Lola please?
It sucks we need to hold up an entire week. That meeting was a decent glimpse inside China and their crypto industry.

We don't need China if they are just going to manipulate the market who needs them

amm... that is I just congratulate to both of you

To save money now the ALL will go to fiat

It's good chance for ICOs to allow some hedge solution))

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Man I hope things go well. It sucks we have to wait a whole week. That interview was a good look inside China and their crypto industry. I agree with you I think she should start her own channel! Your network of people is awesome, keep up the interviews!

It is my belief that China will not close bitcoin exchanges and ico ban is only temporary. Similar events have happened before, why this time is any different?

Wow. Thank you for this...great interview and very interesting around the 13:40 mark where she says that the ICO ban might have been to bring down some bigshot businessmen. Also, her overall attitude to the ban and Bitcoin exchange info in relation to the Peoples Congress meeting next month was also interesting to hear. Again..thanks.

So this is the reason behind the temporary ban! Thank you so much for your effort of doing this conference! Great info!

This is really good info, not really a good or bad info, but its Useful ,
Huge thanks anyway

hello. im following u now. u were on the category. So i decided to check your post out. You did great! congrats!!

Thank you for the information!
Following :)

What is Lola's YT channel pls

she hasn't started one yet

Great report... it really helps to get a perspective from someone in the field in China that can offer some insight. We are all curious as to what the reasoning is and Lola has offered some answers. Thanks for posting.

this information will reduce the panic among the investor

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