[dtube] Will Bitcoin Soar ?!?!

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Will Bitcoin soar after people return from the Chinese New Year Holidays?

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Next stop $100,000!! Great video again!

Historically new money flows in with chinese new year. This year it would be no different . The positive news will act as protein on steroid.

Wow Michael, I was letting my votes recharge but I had to give you an upvote just for that Thumbnail, hilarious! 😂. Anyway, I stayed up the night it was approaching $6k since I knew it could bounce...and at 4am my time, it bounced on binannce at $6,000.01, never went under $6k. I had cashed out to tether a week earlier so I quickly bought in and bought half NEO at $71 and ETH at $598. In the past few days I’ve been adding back some other alts: Lisk, PoWR, WTC (one of my favorites after ur video), and Steem.

Thanks for the update

Cool video Thanks 😁👍

I do hope it soars, and takes Steem along with it. As for bankers thinking BTC was out, I really think bankers didn't so much believe that, perhaps they hoped it would happen but they should know better. But the general public thought it was the end, I usually read online newspapers and wherever the news about the drop in price appeared most comments were something like: I told you so, it's just a scam, we all knew this would happen. So I think most people aren't actually too educated about crypto, and in fact wish it just dissapears once and for all, so their predictions can come true.

Many people had been wrong-footed about the general direction BTC was going as per Chinese New Year. The rebound had started a few days before the CNY period. It is now near a major resistance level and should pause. But if it breaks clean through, things will get hot again.

I’m trading on the premise that it will be like last September to November - of traders selling most alts just to have more BTC in their portfolio. Let’s see how the market goes in the next few days.

I agree, I think Bitcoin is getting ready to start a slow but steady uptrend again. Most of the inexperienced novices have been weeded out and now the die hard investors are taking over again.

This is a really the didactive post.Thanks for your daily update message.
Thanks @boxmining
@resteem & follow done

Saya kangen akan tahun 2017 bulan november dan desember harga bitcoin begitu mengagumkan

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