BREAKING: Segwit2x Cancelled!!!

in bitcoin •  11 months ago

The proposed hard fork on the bitcoin network "Segwit2x" has been canceled. "it is clear that we have not built sufficient consensus for
a clean blocksize upgrade at this time ... Until then, we are suspending our plans for the upcoming 2MB upgrade." -Mike Belshe

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Onward to 10K and beyond

Great news for bitcoin!

This seems rather stupid. The whole debate was from the beginning. No capacity increase yet again, I am sad how the community can't agree on a clean upgrade, it is only a one line of change in the code to increase the size of blocks for 2MB.

ALTs will take over now. Low cost coins like ETH, NEO, DASH are going to see massive pumps.

Wow, just wow! Never a dull moment in the cryptoworld! This is better than coke.


if the stock market was coke, cryptos would be crack+LSD+heroin+pop rocks+mentos and diet coca cola.

Add the green tide is rolling in on this news all over the coinmarketcap!

Hey @boxmining thanks for your input brother I appreciate all your info and your research and everything that you do do, I pretty much watch the majority of your videos, just stating a fact not really trying to seek out your approval of my approval of your work, lol just showing love, but anyway you have it so... Continue on brother and we will catch you on the next one. Be well and stay awesome.

3.2.1 annnnnd its gone. good decision to stop the fork madness.

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Hi boxmining,
Nice work sir