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awsome video sir new on steeemit please help me by doing upvote with small amount.thanks...again nice video i loved it



Aha! BTC the first one now!

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Great video

I’m also subscribed to Boxmining Daily. I really dig his feeds, he isn’t biased too much but can also explain to us what’s happening in the Asian markets. I’m also subscribed to Dollar Vigilante with Jeff Berwick. The 2 are on completely different sides of the web, one a little more conservative and the other is quite radical. I’ve discovered if you can find a comfortable place somewhere in between the 2, it’s beneficial.


It's great to have multiple sources!

the word bitcoin is just a dream for me cause my ass country has not yet recognized bitcoin yet so,it is illegal but for your post a double thumbs up.cheers for your work.

Timely Updated post..Nice @boxmining

bitcoin v bitcoin earn money nice job currency,

Good one

That was informative :D @boxmining

c'mon Satoshi is not jesus.


are you sure?

I love e the show

awesome surprise guys! You are two of my favorite cyrpto video makers.

Nice post bro...Thank you for sharing👌👍



That was a lot of fun, you two will have to get together again!!
All hail the king BTC!!!

Bitcoin cash is just another altcoin playing on the bitcoin name.

Recently Bitcoin Cash try to touch Bitcoin, But can't .

Bitcoin cash not seeming like a scam coin now lol

disappointed in the lack of street fighter backgrounds for this battle lol

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More interesting than the US Presidential debate. But unfortunately, not much interested in both of them. Buying Steem whenever I can and holding on to it till my son is 18 and I can buy him a car with the money..haha

Bitcoin core will be forced to address the scaling problem. This is the one good thing that will come out of this fight with bitcoin cash.

Clever show, I follow both of you and it's great when the two worlds collide.

great video guys, love both channels and you perform great together!!! Keep up the good work!

I'm neither a BTC nor a BTC Cash fanboy. But they both seem to have some problems.

The BTC community is mostly stale an very much overcrowded by speculators.

BTC Cash has to fight against the rumors of Chinese investment scams, and other claims that BTC Cash is a scam.

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Lol this was a really good, and i enjoy your live streams on youtube.