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Dear Steemit Frients,

I was recently reading the news which confirmed me that I am skeptical on a good reason, regarding the cryptocurency investment.
The Bithumb Exchange, one of the biggest exchanges for Bitcoin has been hacked the other days.
The PC's and not the head office server of Bithumb was hacked and also personal information like the mobile phones and email addresses of some users were stolen and besides, some customers were hacked also because of the disposable password used in electronic financial transactions.
According to a report from Yonhap News around 30,000 customers data from Bithumb has been compromised.
Besides some of the users from Bithumb were fooled by “voice phishing,” where someone phoned them up pretending to be an employee from Bithumb and scammed them out of funds, according to BraveNewCoin.

The risk of loosing your investment will always exist. Here are some good articles about the risk that cryptocurency investment has and some methods to decrese this risk:



However, no matter how much prevention you will have for your crypto investment there will still be a slight risk so, my advice, do not invest more than you are not ready to lose!!

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