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Hi Steemians :) This is my very first serious article on Steemit, please take a look.

Its obvious to say, that the blockchain technology is a game-changer, however no one is sure how the governments and world financial elite will act when facing such a threat to their interest. I can bet, that meanwhile when Im writing this article, the wisest heads of all banks, governments, secret services are brainstorming about how to facilitate the blockchain capabilities and and how to suppress the possible threats. But things are never black and white. In todays world order established after WW2 in Breton Woods, with dollar as a dominating currency, Fed, Central Bank, and Americans dominating on the seas (those who dominate on the seas dominates the world wealth flow, because sea trade its the cheapest way of transport), there are countries suppressed by this system. The most brutal example was Operation Dessert Storm resulting in killing Saddam Hussein. Saddam was the first who wanted to sell oli not for dollars but for Euro, this was serious treat to Americans, and Saddam was seized.

Now you are probably asking yourself what it has to do with blockchain? Let me explain: blockchain and the currencies built on its technology, are the serious threat to todays world order. Thats obvious, but whats most important about it, is that the Saddam as a threat to dollar supremacy was easy to spot, and bitcoin is not.Todays Bitcoin popularity is one big decentralized strike into the current financial system, a financial system built by USA to serve USA, to protect its currency, to protect its interest. On other side of the net there are countries like China, Russia, Iran etc, who will be very interested in fliping this situation. And the bitcoin is a perfect tool to strike into the world financial system. If you are interested in the whole blockchain fever, you surely have heard about massive Bictoin mining in China and Russia. Yes, the income that you can get from an average mining rig is way more better than an average salaries in those countries, but I think that governments, and secret services of this two powerships are mining too. Heading to conclusion I think that USA and Western European countries, who are a beneficiary of the current system will try to limit or regulate cryptocurrencies market, and those on the other side will support them even harder than they doing it now, officially and unofficially. I think the world system that serves us more or less during last 70 years is shaking in fundaments. Thats just ironic that about ten years ago conspiracy theories were so popular, but no one predicted that the true new world order is coming from our decentralized system of connected GPUs and its fully transparent :)

Thanks for reading, everything except graphics in this article is my intellectual work.

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The next world war will be fought over the termination of the petrodollar. Unfortunately, I feel like big government and big finance will crush blockchain long before that.

Great post, followed.

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Thanks , I think there will be a power struggle who will dominates and control the south Chinese sea, since it`d a factory of the world now, and the most strategically vital place on earth. Followed as well ;)

Very interesting. Upvoted and followed. I will be writing about a similar issue regarding asset forfeiture and it relates to blockchain.

Thanks, so I will follow you as well, and wait for your content!

Interesting article. I think the government will be threatened by cryptos since they cannot impose taxes and regulations easily compared to fiat. Following you.

Thanks you ruel! :) Followed as well! I was thinking last two weeks hwo can regulate and limit this, and I just cant find the answer, which is good :P

Great article mate

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This article is allright, leading me to upvote and resteem it.

Thank you Centauri.

You ask me to read your post so I came over and must say that you got most of the facts right concerning Saddam etc. One can feel you are very emotional about the whole subject. I can't quite make out from were you come from, but I can understand what you must be feeling. Bitcoin is less a threat to the USA or Europe then for other countries like China were Capital controls from the government try to restrict the flight from Yuans out of the country. In countries were economic or political stability is not given there is a threat of lose of control. The Blockchain it self is for the western economies a bigger challenge, but now that they or we have found out how it works and what benefits there are to gain, we are so to saying embarrassing it. Governments actually like the thought of digital money. That is more control for them. Its like the case with Mt.Gox, they now exactly were the Coins are but are working on some other problems concerning the case. But keep on writing. I enjoyed your Post. You have my Upvote.

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Hey! Thanks for upvote, and so complex comment! Im from Poland. I wasnt meant to be emotional, due to my poor language skills I couldt maintain rational form of an article, when I was reading it again, I as well sensed, that it may sound like a voice of someone who hate America, and the current world order. Its not like that, in fact I really value post war Pax Americana, however it`s worth to mention that USA was merciless for those who stepped into their way. Your point on on the China seems to be valid as well as pointing threat of limiting freedom and privacy information by governments implementing blockchain technology. I must rethink the whole subject again, maybe I will write another article to polemize with yours and others comments. One thing is now clear this will be multi level, multi layer game around the blockchain.

Nice to meet you neighbor. I'm writing out of Germany. Writing is for me difficult also. I am also not a learned journalist, but Steemit gives us the chance to express our self and share it with others. Good writing for the future.

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I was living in Germany for a while, near Weeze, Kleve, Goch at north-west of Germany :) Take a look at this, it might interest you:

That is why Global trade with everyone is so important, to prevent war. President Trump wanted to isolate the USA with his America first. The Companies are too intertwined to do that. BMW has the biggest BMW car plant in the U.S. and employs thousands of people and the vehicles are only bought by American in lesser amounts. Most are exported, $7 Billion Dollars to others outside the boarder. North Korea hast to be integrated into the world community somehow to get them away from nukes, but I can understand them too when the US Navy hangs around their neighborhood. The biggest problem the world has is the over indebtedness and the climate. The other things can be worked out over time.

Exactly, Trump has realized that the economic globalism is not serving USA dominance anymore, and he will push to put some limitations. He cancelled TPP, TPIP is under question mark, he want`s to do everything to stop Chinese belt and road 2 project, the Silkroad 2 from China to Europe. What will be the result, we will see in the future. By the way he is coming to Warsaw next week to support Eastern Europe block against the France and Germany dominance on the continent. He even have chosen to have a opening speech in front of Warsaw Uprising memorial place, a symbol of heroic fight against Germany. This is as well understooded like another diplomatic attack on Germany, after not shaking hands with Merkel.

Interesting what Trump plans. On Bloomberg TV they were talking about a USA leadership vacuum on the Global Plattform, and if there is a vaccum it will be filled by someone. On the Economic Form in Davos last February Trump did not show up and the Chinese Leader toke over the Role of promoting Free-Trade; and that coming from a Communist Country. The World Leaders have a little bit of a problem fallowing him and would rather see someone take over that role from a Western Country. So you pointed it somewhat out already, Angela Merkel had meeting with the Chinese in Berlin for a Road Map just like with India. Now that the French Elections ended with Macron the French-German tandem will take on the Leadership with Angela taking on the Speakers-Role. According to Bloomberg Reports. The first demonstration of this new Global constellation will be the G20 in Hamberg next week. What will be interesting is the meeting between Trump and Putin. Putin wants to be a part of the European Economic Community and the Germans want it also, except for the leadership because of Ukrainian Peninsula Krimm.

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Yes, and Its a big problem for Poland, when Germans and Russians are getting together. Nordstream 2 is a first serious sign of that. By the way Germany is doing everything possible to gently suppress polish grow. Its a power struggle and I understand it, Poland from the other hand is trying to push the UE patience to the limits, and take a best place in the new situation, but Kaczyński is a wise man, and If he will see that the best option is to stick with old EU as an pulsing economic heart of the Europe, he will agree on Poland status being a Germanys junior Partner. Because its our best economic partner, but in that case everyone in Poland knows, that Germany will not let to Poland grow that fast to catch up the old EU. And our goal is one, to catch up and be strong, and no one want to have a strong neighbor, especially Germans that have an export base economy.

Interesting post, thank you for sharing. Upvoted! :)

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But... Governments all around the world start legalizing cryptos. Japan, Australia now South Korea joins in. Surely we will face dangers and resistance, but... I think it can't be stopped now.

Me as well, but as I wrote there will be governments supporting, and those who want`s to keep the status quo. I bet America will be one of them.