Poem dedicated for my love, Bitcoin

in bitcoin •  last year

When i first heard of bitcoin
It was love from first sight
I didn't even tell you i liked you
Before I took you to my wallet and started piling you
And now i make it up for you
By spreading these words about you
I love bitcoin
Yeah you heard it right
The crypto
Made in 09 by Satoshi Nakamoto
Who we don't know
But we wonder though
Was it a group? Was he solo?
Some people still buy in out of FOMO
But there is more to bitcoin
It's a currency that one can't actually touch or see
Wait don't rush to flee
You can easily send it oversea for only a small fee
Pay them miners
The block finders
Securing the network with their equation grinders
Devoting power to a rising power that came to empower those with no power
Banking for the unbanked
Banks are getting cranked
It's a revolution, not a bubble you are delusional
A cryptographic achievment that has achieved the unblelievable
Digital gold is what's it normally called
And just like gold it can be bought or sold
Can be traded but never degraded
Finite in nature
21 million including 1 million for the creator
Secure and almost private
Started off silent
Price gains surprising with people's interest rising
It's a fucking uprising
A sleeping giant who's coming to cause a riot
Sound the alarm don't stay quiet
You are now pilot
So prepare for a bumpy ride
But remember that the moon gives the ocean it's tide

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