Coordinated whale pump and dump?

in bitcoin •  last year

So what we are seeing these past days is a sea of red on most cryptos and only green on a few coins (read NEO)
With all the FUD from South Korea and now the China regulation things don't seem to be changing course.
But looking at todays market I saw something else that was similar on the top market cap coins.

As you see in the picture there was a point a few hours ago where all coins had a pump at exactly the same time.
And now we are seeing them dip at the same time, which suggests that this is a coordinated whale pump and dump due to the fact that there is a lot of fear in the market and they probably are selling for short term profits.

Whales can make huge amounts of money even when the market is slamming down.
But I wonder if it's a palm beach report type of group or just coincidence

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I saw that too. How is this even possible. They droped at the same time.