Bitcoin arrest in Russia !

in bitcoin •  last year 

B3474B53-9615-41D9-9228-9FB8BD5B85C6.jpeg in Russia and Ukraine, according to a report of the site over the past few weeks have made money mining workplace computers are suspected of crypto, some people were arrested.Highly unusual events occurring in Russia.The reason is that Crypto doing those who make money on mining of the world's most powerful and secure using their computers.


Russia's FSB secret service elements in the most powerful super computer makes bitcoin mining multiple people are arrested.The cause of the incident is not by the police investigation by the FSB all super computer Scientific Research Institute of experimental physics at Sarov in Russia.The question at the Institute are made to work on nuclear weapons design


The Russian news agency Interfax, Bitcoin is a computer system used in the production of super computer is safe and contained classified information and therefore it is not possible to connect to this computer online reported.

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