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RE: Hardware Wallets - Hidden Wallets Are Extremely Useful - Use This Feature!

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This is definitely a great information. I do have couple of questions though.
When the key of my hardware wallet is changed, does it impact the hidden wallets present on the device ?
Can I recover my hidden wallets if my device(hardware wallet) is compromised like lost or destroyed ?
When you say peer to peer bitcoin purchase, I think that is banned by the USA government so that the transactions can be traced and linked to a person.


By changing key of your hardware wallet, do you mean the PIN? If so, then no, it won't impact the hidden wallets. The PIN is used to grant access to the seed, but does not modify the seed itself, while the encryption passphrase actually modifies (encrypts) the wallet seed.

Yes, you can recover your hidden wallets using the recovery seed. Simply load the recovery seed into a new device, and set up passphrase encryption. Your old wallets will be accessible by simply re-entering your old encryption passphrases.

That's a cool discovery for me. Worth sharing with everyone. Already resteemed and upvoted.

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