BlockOps Tour of Mid-size crypto mining facility Jan 2018

in bitcoin •  10 months ago

500 KW facility with 400 miners - tour showing construction and some aspects of operation.
The 200 CFM or 5.6 CMM of airflow rule of thumb mentioned in the video is per miner.

More information on cryptocurrency mining at

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hello bro floowing :) and follow me please :)

I think this time bitcoin some things demotion .
But some time after increase bitcoin .thanks for shareing by@blockops

I have been following your progress through your webpage and youtube channel. It is awesome to see this facility getting into full swing. Looking forward to the next update. Thanks for all of the help and information you provide to clueless would be miners.

How does one regular guy get to at least 1/20 of your level? If you were a beginner today, how would you do it? How would you start? Would you do mining or something else as well? Curious what you think.


Nice I have nice blog to

This is even more exciting than a marijuana farm i think haha

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Are you really a co founder of Zen cash???


yes, I am. Check out the ZenCash youtube channel for some of the earlier videos after founding when there were some issues to deal with at


Really glad to have found you here Rolf, I didn't know you were on Steemit! Huge ZenCash fan and investor here!


Nice to here! What are the future plans of ZenCash?

it's been a long time since your last post, is there a new posts coming?

Nice post @blockops
i like it. i have follow and vote you 😊
dont forget vote back

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It seems incredible and something that a normal person can hardly achieve, it takes a lot of money for it.

Increased insight

ROLF!!! Thanks for following me I like you so much ! Direct and clear! I am a strong believer of zen and I a secure node owner, I will start the super node as soon as possible, keep whit the great work


great to have you posting stuff about ZEN. Thanks for doing that!


Zen is my first stock in percentage. Maybe you like it , just finished writing:


And sorry for my bad English ...

Hi your article is very good.
i want to translate it and share your idea with people around me.
am from China, Beijing.
hope can get your early response discuss about this.
Thank you so much for your sharing.