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Being home in 80 countries

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The mainstream adaptation of Bitcoin & Co. can hardly be better observed than the spread of ATMs. The US leads the list of nations. The largest Bitcoin ATM network, LibertyX, has reached a milestone: 1,000 machines spread across the country. How Bitcoin overcomes limits.

The eye is probably the most dominant sense that humans have. If he has seen something with his own eyes, it becomes part of his personal reality. The written word, the press release of a company or the graphical presentation of the Bitcoin course lacks this realism. But what if you can buy Bitcoin on every corner ? That is the goal Chris Yim, CEO of LibertyX, has set for the US-American market.

According to a report of the press agency PRWeb LibertyX has reached a milestone. The cooperation with Desert ATM, a bank-independent ATM operator, has allowed the LibertyX network to grow to more than 1,000 ATMs.

It was a natural evolution of what we started almost five years ago. […] Our goal is to make Bitcoin available at every corner of the US. There are more than 100,000 ATMs that are not operated by banks. We hope you can buy [soon] on every single LibertyX Bitcoin,

summed up Chris Yim.

How Bitcoin overcomes limits

Even though the USA is ahead of the competition with more than 3,000 Bitcoin machines, the rest of the world does not sleep. As you can see on the tracking homepage, there is now at least one ATM in 80 countries in the world. Since there were always problems setting up in Germany , we are now ranked 15th with 38 machines. The distribution of the machines is also telling. States from the Orient to the Occident are involved, capitalist economic systems as well as communist, corrupt and less corruptly governed countries, states with all religious imprints, states on every continent and island states, in short: all over the world.

We are excited about the demand and enthusiasm that ATM operators are bringing to us. They are thirsty for a scalable, consistent and cost-effective Bitcoin solution,

so Yim on.

We look forward to cooperating with them [the ATM operators] to add the asset that we believe will be the most exciting, fastest-growing product of the next few decades. And not least the future of money,

added his colleague Marcus Herrera.

“No other company offers such a simple solution”

The Boston-based company operates the network, which now includes almost every third ATM in the US. A nice success story for a company that is only five years old. The business partners are also enthusiastic about the simplicity of the LibertyX solution. Dan Laitala, Chief of Desert ATM:

We looked at several solutions. One of them was the idea of ​​opening our own cash-to-bitcoin kiosks (BTMs). When we finally tested the LibertyX solution, it was pretty clear. No other company offers such a simple […] solution. We already had a successful ATM company, but [with LibertyX] we were able to add a purchase option to Bitcoin with a minimum of hassle, almost a click.


If we take a walk through Germany’s cities – Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich or many more – our eyes will prove more and more often that Bitcoin has become part of the reality. This reality has manifested itself in more than 40 percent of the countries of this earth.