Store the ledger Nano S Recovery Phrase safe and redudant

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Store your recovery phrase secure and redudant

I have designed a new redundant Ledger Recovery Sheet. I am always a little afraid to lose my

recovery sheet or that somebody else can find it. 

So I designed a new recover sheet. 

My requirements was

  • redundant in case if I lose it
  • safe that it is not possible to recover with only one sheet.

The result was the 2 of 3 recovery sheets.

You need at least 2 sheets to get the 24 words recovery phase


  • You can lose one sheet and you can still recover the ledger
  • If a thief has only one sheet it is not possible to recover the ledger and coins

Reason for Safety:

One sheet has 16 words of 24 words. One word has 2048 possibilities or 11 Bit.

24 words * 11 Bit = 264 Bit

256 Bit master key and 8 Bit hash checksum

So 8 words have to be guessed:

This means for a brute force attack: 8*11Bits – 8 Bit CS = 80 Bit

2^80 = 1.21 e+24 attempts.

If an ASIC can calculate up to 15000 GHashes/s then my estimation is up to 2500 years.

Do you have tips to store these 3 recovery sheets?

My idea was:

Use 3 different locations for the recovery sheet:

Example: Home, office, online banking account, etc.

Template download and youtube video :

Be sure that nobody has access to 2 or more of your sheets!

Use of this procedure on your own risk!

Store the document in a safe place!

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