Stable coin the idea keep evolving

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The whole purpose of Stable coins from decentralized to Centralized version all seem to be failing miserably and govt at any cost won't let it run parallely with their idea of CBDC.

We are already seeing how they will be implementing the CBDC where they will make common man their puppet from spending how much per day to how much withdrawal and chaos all among that.

They will be implementing with an idea to keep a track of every single thing what person is doing what and this should be the trigger point where Bitcoin as an store of value will play a vital role in coming days

We are already seeing idea being developed around Bitcoin stable coin from previous Bitmex Ceo but will it the final solution for ever i doubt but experiments is what will take this thing up.

We are so early in this thing still that even after more than a decade we are capable of experimenting and FIAT Is tumbling harder than ever.

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