2.2k BTC just moved from a wallet that hasn't moved since Oct 2010steemCreated with Sketch.

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Nearly 4.2m Coin Days destroyed (useful for measuring bitcoins that haven't been moved in a while)
x btc * n days since last move = coinDaysDestroyed

What does this mean? Who knows. Maybe nothing, or maybe a Bitcoin whale is looking to make some waves in the markets.

That many coin days are not often destroyed.

Taken from this transaction id

Via: https://twitter.com/999BTC/status/778624492876824577



Thank you for this info. Interesting indeed... Resteemed

maybe that's why it dropped to 595 usd from 610-615

999BTC Ξ888Ξ tweeted @ 21 Sep 2016 - 15:58 UTC

2.2k $BTC with quite the history moved (4.2m #DaysDestroyed).. Explore @BlockSeer >>> blockseer.com/g/rczlksnO0yc9twitter.com/i/web/status/7…

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It took me a minute to actually figure out what that stat actually meant. I think it indicates that someone that has been sitting on some btc for a long time is now make some sort of move. I imagine they are either the Twins preparing for their BTC fund or even Gemini, or someone that is going to cash out big time. Then again, who knows ?

back up the trucks.

Edit: What if they are going all in on Steem Power ahah.

Is there any direct tie to Satoshi or one of his early associates that anyone has been able to determine?

Selling/moving 2000 coins does not cause a $15 price drop