We Need More Women on the Blockchain : We Could Lower Market Volatility with Women Involvement

in bitcoin •  8 months ago

Gender imbalance is not new. Women have been fighting for equal rights since the inception, though time and again it has been proven that gender has nothing to do with capabilities.

It's high time we stop looking into people's pants and start addressing their grey matter.

Women are underrepresented in many sectors. However, we have seen a shift in the past decade. We now have about 30%(approx.) of the women serving for tech companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. Unfortunately, in a survey conducted by Google, 91.2% of the brains involved in blockchain are male. The data is depressing, and we need more women adapting blockchain. We have enough data to prove women are underrepresented in the crypto community. 

Being a woman, I sometimes feel alone in this community. I barely find some knowledgeable people in the community serving a great purpose. However, things are changing in the past few months, but not at the pace we expect them to.

Examples of women who are successful on Blockchain:

  1. Blythe Masters, CEO of Digital Asset Holdings.
  2. Amber Baldet, 40 under 40, currently working on Blockchain for Excellence - A solution for banking using Blockchain Technology.
  3. Amanda Gutterman, CMO of Consensys.
  4. Sandra Ro, Global Blockchain Business Council.

The list is not very long; you can have a look at a few more influentials women in blockchain here.

Here's How Women Can Lower Crypto Markets Volatility:

Two major factors influence any openly traded market;

  1. Greed
  2. Fear.

Greed to bank more and fear of losing. These are the ingredients that move the market up and down. Whenever there's a new technology or asset opened for public, there is a lot of uncertainty. That too crypto had been stamped as a new era bubble. When Gold hit the market for trading, it also had the same kind of Volatility like Bitcoin (today's Digital Gold).

Women are not as inclined as men towards bubbles. Once they believe and adopt a particular technology, they are long-term HODLERS of the same. We don't see much of panic selling with more women involvement. This way we could see lesser volatility as now.

Bitcoin is relatively an easy concept to understand, but Blockchain is way too complicated for a newbie. However, just like any new technology, it takes some time for people to adopt it. But, with women adopting the technology faster it can help them many purposes which it was built for like;

  1. Anonymity
  2. Decentralisation
  3. Faster Transactions.

Looking forward to seeing more women on Blockchain

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Women are more likely to HODL, if they believe in it...but they are way more risk averse. There's a reason why 91% of guys incest in crypto. Girls don't care about money as much as guys and they are not willing to lose out on their investment.


Absolutely right. Thanks jfitmisc for sharing your views on my post.


I totally agree with you on this @jfitmisc

In case you're a financial specialist, instability can be a difficult thing to understanding. Be that as it may, instability is an ordinary piece of contributing. Markets will drop every once in a while, however in the event that you have built an all around differentiated portfolio and have a solid money related arrangement, you can disregard the dread construct babble and center with respect to your long haul objectives.


You are spot on.

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I like block chain technology


More power to you.

Woman here. Guys here cite women as being risk averse and such, but I don't know. I'm not a gambler. I used to be a casino table games dealer and saw enough people destroyed that I actually despise the industry (though I'm invested in FUN, haha). I have literally watched my friends gambling for eight hours and not played a single cent while I watched them. I knew it was a fool's errand. But with crypto, it's different. While there is luck involved, at least I can do some research and feel like I'm making an informed decision. So having that little bit of control makes this attractive to me. Also, I am interested in tech and I don't play video games.

You seems ancient annonymous diva in modern era of blockchain ....good work jai hind


Thank you monukaith.

Very interesting post! More women should be involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community!!

You can't get more women on blockchain .... unless you can digitalize them.
Common man have some technical interests. Most common women doesn't.

Stability of cryptocurrency value (not blockchain) is by demand/offer balance.
And there will never be equilibrium of demand/offer.

Getting close to equilibrium can be achieved by huge number of people "in the biz".
No matter their gender. But getting to huge number of people isn't linear growth, so there will always be discrepancy in balance, thus not just only longterm growth in value but also significant drops and gains.


You added some valuable inputs here. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts on this topic.


happy to be and some of my somewhat meaningful thoughts :)
Anyway, it would be great to see more women interested in crypto and on Steemit, crypto blogs & forums.

Because too many men in discussion often turn into "sword fighting with dicks" and the value of such discussion turns into zero.


The sword fighting is so annoying! Great comments and post.


Haha, you are very funny. It's nice meeting you here.

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Wow, that's amazing. Thank you very much for featuring me.

Great post..let's show them women power.:)


Hey, awesome to meet you here.


Same here..
Just joined a week back...

Hey @bitpopsy! You did great research on women involvement on internet activities.... I support your mission.

One of your followers


Hey vinr thanks for stopping by leaving a comment here and following me.

followed. and yep hi from Ukraine )

Can you please share some way to contact you in private please?


You can mail me to bitpopsy@gmail.com


Sure! Thank you.

That's interesting analysis. Maybe you're right.


Bitpopsy cannot be wrong :)

I think the imbalance you speak of also has to do with interest. Men are more drawn to technology and technological advancements because by nature men will tend to be interested in such things.

Women may be more drawn to the aesthetics that result from technology. This is not to say that there aren't women out there who are not interested in the underlying technology of things, you'll definitely find them.

But I think before we conclude that there is an imbalance because of intentional inequality maybe we should look at why there are more men than women in a particular industry and vice versa, and perhaps we will find that the reasons for this are not so controversial.

Thanks for your input on this! I agree, we need more of EVERYONE on blockchain, definitely including women.

You importantly noted the stats related to google employees, some influential women in the space, and some potential benefits to a more equitable gender split... But I have a question for you that wasn't mentioned: what do you think is the best way to engage more women in the space, or is it something that you think will simply happen over time?

Glad to have you in the community :)

still waiting for market to go up a bit


Interesting, will do.

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Very interesting post! Thanks for sharing!

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preach it, the more hodlers the better!

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womens can't hundel the ups and downs of the market


Stereotype. We can handle it just as well as men can.


Apologise, as mentioned in the article, women can handle the ups and downs if they believe in the technology. That's how volatility can be reduced.

I like blockchain


Good for everyone.

@bitpopsy nice analysis is the direction but it has no evidence that it will lower the volatility in actual.


It's more of psychological than technical.


@bitpopsy can you explain how

Wow great to see so many princess on steemit😍😍😍


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The cryptocurrency market will continue to grow thanks to us and you will see.


Absolutely, there's no going back.

First of all, I cannot believe this post is worth $144... but then again this is Steemit.

Secondly, I am so tired of this feminist clap-trap. If women want to be more involved, THEN DO IT. No one is here to roll out the red carpet for you simply because you have a vagina. For every guy that invested in crypto, I am sure there was at least one woman rolling her eyes.

hydrogen have a good project

Thanks dear friend and a good and nice dear

Very nice post dear friend

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I know another women pretty important to crypto:
elizabeth stark, she one of the main dev of the LN-a scaling protocol very important to bitcoin

Well, actually in India, there are maybe not more women than men that invest in crypto, but supposedly they invest almost twice as much as them on average. Source: https://qz.com/1316595/indian-women-invest-twice-as-much-in-bitcoin-and-cryptocurrencies-than-men/

(there are more articles about the same thing, but some say it's not quite true, but hard to say, either way, it's interesting. I would also like to know how many women compared to men are into crypto :)

It's a good piece of writing.


Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Interesting point. I guess time and quality of information will grow the community. Teach someone new each day and the network effect will take care of the rest.

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@bitpopsy I like your all blogs but this one nice

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