Coinbase CEO Revolutionises Charity with - Giving CryptoCurrency for People in Need

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Amid bearish market, Coinbase CEO, Brain Armstrong announced on medium in a post that he is launching a crypto fund( to help people in need. This is indeed a bold move not only for the people in need but also helps in mass adaptation of crypto currency worldwide.

The whole point behind blockchain is decentralization since the beginning. Helping the people in need from anywhere in the world is indeed one of the major problems blockchain is solving.

Now you can sit in your place and donate money to people in Africa or Syria who are in need.

GiveCrypto aims to raise $10 Million by the end of this year, of which $3.5 million is already funded by Brain Armstrong and his colleagues. He also stated that he is looking forward to raising over $1 Billion thereafter.

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This is truly de-central and a groundbreaking step by Brian to pull institutional funds. Now governments have to think twice before banning crypto in their country.

You can also read him complete article on Medium, for donation visit

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@bitpopsy This will kick off mass adoption for sure.



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we need more projects like this in our community


Rightly said.


Even charity is impacted by the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution. The GiveCrypto project put humanity on the blockchain map. A wonderful and natural next step for blockchain to disrupt! Our day to day activity is much more different with the democratization of the blockchain. But one problem remains - it is still difficult for the non-technical person to send and receive cryptocurrency. We at Blockbasis are fanatic about transactions within cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, and BCH, as we allow our users to send and receive cryptocurrency via email. No more complicated private or public keys, just good old emails.