Earn More Bitcoins on FreeBitco.in with Bitopia!

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Don't know what this is? Start here :

Bitopia earns Bitcoins in 3 ways

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The earnings are shared, based on the number of Free BTC Rolls you made since the last weekly payout.

The more Free BTC Rolls you make within the week, the higher your share of the week's earnings pool you will earn, credited automatically into your FreeBitco.in account every Monday.

Simply spend 10 seconds, once every hour and join the Bitopia community in earning Bitcoins together!

Earn more Bitcoins with Bitopia.jpg

Not only do you earn more Bitcoins, you will also contribute to the Bitopia community in earning more Bitcoins as well!

Publisher's Notes :

At the time of writing, there are about 88 million monthly visitors to FreeBitco.in. The community on FreeBitco.in is already massive.

It is quite awesome, that by simply spending 10 seconds every hour, you can stand the chance to earn a small but definite amount of Bitcoins, while also opening yourself up to the opportunity of winning up to a life-changing amount of money!

Not only that, by doing so with a unified community, your earnings are even higher!

Though it may not seem to be much to some, in the first world, Freebitco.in is also accessible internationally and is visited by many impoverished individuals. A small win on FreeBitco.in can sincerely mean a life-changing opportunity for such an individual to better their lives significantly.

It is pretty amazing that something like this can be achieved through zero input of funds from anybody, to be able to possibly earn a significant amount of money back through simply the investing of micro bits of time across the day.

I have been following FreeBitco.in since 2015 and vouch for their commitment to the project.

FreeBitco.in is a great team, who have been consistently optimizing and adding new features to FreeBitco.in consistently.

I see the immense amount of work they have put into this project, and commend them, for the already massive impact they have created based on their awesome utilization of Blockchain Technology.

I see a bright future for FreeBitco.in and highly regard all the work and dedication that has been put in by the FreeBitco.in team.

I find myself extremely invested in FreeBitco.in as I sincerely find the opportunity for this platform to make a positive impact, especially on the poorest individuals in the world is immense. The fact that there is absolutely no other require than an internet connection is required for an impoverished individual to stand a chance of breaking out of the vicious cycle of poverty is amazing to me.

I am dedicated to add fuel to the fire that is FreeBitco.in and bring this platform to new heights to positively impact as many individuals as possible through this amazing iteration of the Blockchain Technology.

I hope that many others may join me as well.

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Freebitco.in has now added the functionality to use your browser to mine Bitcoins.

Bitopia is of the opinion that they Freebitco.in isn't actually mining Bitcoins as the difficulty in seeing actual profit from competing in Bitcoin mining is simply too large. It is more likely that they are mining alt-coins.

Not like that is of any matter to anyone using the browser miners. As long as you see a return.

UPDATE: Given the recent value spike of Bitcoin, the top price for the lottery has been adjusted to about 2 BTC for the top prize. Which equates to the same value in USD as before.

If anyone may have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments!


From 2015 every hour on the computer. After so many houres how much did you make?

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